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Ecofact: Green Education Begins At Home

Environmental education in our nation’s K-12 schools is on the rise with many states leading the way in providing support, training and curriculum. In California, the Education and Environment Initiative (EEI) was established in 2003 to encourage and provide support to teachers and schools to increase environmental literacy by making environmental education an integral part [...]

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The Green Yogi: Ecofacts: Spring Food, Real Food

Picture and feel the difference between walking down the center aisle of a supermarket, and walking through a Farmers’ Market, where you can actually feel connected to the source of real, live food and you somehow find that your mood is lifted. Famers’ Markets are growing dramatically every year. In 2009, there were [...]

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How To Be A Rich Yogi

   If you’re reading this, I know you’re all about finding balance in your life. You balance your body and mind through Yoga, food, and self-care. But what about money? How are you doing with balance in that area of your life? If you’re out of balance, you’re probably stuck in either one of [...]

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Green Jobs Sprout In California

Taking The Temperature Of The Green Economy We’ve all been watching the statistics proclaimed regularly on the news in regards to economic indicators, measurements and forecasts related to unemployment rates, loss of jobs and outsourcing. But not all of these numbers are declining, particularly in California. According to “Many Shades of Green,” a report created [...]

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Your Green Footprint

The choices you make every day are ones with a profound impact. From the smallest decisions at the grocery store to what you buy your mother for her birthday, you send a message declaring what type of future you support for the Earth. We have entered an age where each of us need to step [...]

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Love Money Like You Love Your Mission

The Enlightened Entrepreneur Yoga and business are one in the same. Go with me for a second. In Yoga, you show up, work hard, sweat, challenge yourself, get pissed off at the teacher, realize that it’s your own stuff, move through your resistance and then settle into a still space and reap the [...]

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Clean and Green Detergent

How better to begin each day in a way that is clean and fresh than by improving the purity and goodness of your home, yourself and your planet? Our skin, our largest organ, absorbs everything we directly apply to it. We also absorb the residues of the soaps and detergents used to clean the clothing, towels [...]

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