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Seven Ways to Green Your Dinner Plate

  The ideals of consciousness teach us that we are connected to each other and to our surroundings. With this in mind, we can bring the same levels of mindfulness we cultivate on our yoga mat to our decisions when buying, preparing, and eating food. Here are seven suggestions to green your dinner plate, improve [...]

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Ayurvedic Elemental Home Makeover

The Five Elements at Home  According to Ayurveda, the universe is made up of Five Great Elements. These are: Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. When are ready for a home makeover to create a healing home environment, it is helpful to look at our home in terms of the relationships of these elements. Ether is the space [...]

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Finding Health Freedom Through Our Food

Five Questions With Daryl Hannah LA YOGA: Where do you feel is an important place for people to begin  to look at how we can contribute, even within an urban environment, to being more self-sufficient with our own food, herbs and medicines? Daryl Hannah: Self-sufficiency in any way is great thing! It helps us feel free and [...]

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Life Is Messy; Clean It

Handling The Broom Four hours north of Mexico City is a town called San Miguel de Allende. In the mornings, if one stays long enough to numb to the sounds of barking dogs, crowing roosters and the all too occasional cohetes (fireworks), the whisper of a straw broom against aged-old cobblestones can be heard. For [...]

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Global Green

Photo: Derek Feniger,; Pictured: CEO Matt Petersen and COO Richard Wegman Global Green was founded in 1993 by philanthropist and activist Diane Meyer Simon as the American arm of Green Cross International (GCI), an organization launched by President Mikhail S. Gorbachev in order to inspire people to reconnect to the environment and [...]

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Permaculture In The City Five Suggestions For Sustainable Living

“The future of sustainability is in our cities and towns. Urban neighborhoods are ideal for the promise and potentials of permaculture design. Our cities embody the greatest concentration of the social, intellectual and physical resources needed to create a sustainable system.” - Larry Santoyo. EarthFlow Design Works. Vice President of the Permaculture Institute. Permaculture (named [...]

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The Green Yogi: Urban Kinder-Gardeners

Creating An Organic Laboratory In The Valley Behind Room 28 of Kester Avenue Elementary School in Sherman Oaks, California the Ms. Anita Avalos’ kindergarten class have been becoming kinder-gardeners. The students, along with parents, teachers, and Urban Organic Gardener Michael Lieberman, have been planting the public school’s first organic vegetable garden. Ms. Avalos, [...]

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