Gift Guide for Yogis

Our selection of items in this gift guide for yogis features a number of tools for practical everyday living. These include Ayurvedic copper water bottles by AYUR Bottle, performance clothing by Soybu, NeoCell’s hydrating Glow Matrix, Niyama‘s gorgeous print leggings, One Tribe Apparel, artistic jewelry by Civeletta, essential oil candles by David Oreck, STRETCH Wash to keep performance clothing performing, and a membership to EcoVine Wine Club.

Gift Guide Ayur Bottle

Gift Guide Ayur Bottle

AYUR bottle is a pure copper water bottle featuring a patent pending design. It promotes a healthier way to consume water through balanced hydration. Ethically made, Eco-Friendly, and Ayurveda-approved. Available in 20 & 32 ounce sizes with smooth and hammered finishes. From each bottle purchased, 5% is donated to clean water efforts in India.

Gift Guide NeoCell Glow Matrix

Gift Guide Glow Matrix

Glow MatrixTM provides scientifically advanced ingredients designed to internally hydrate the skin. This premium formula supports the lipid barrier of the skin which helps to lock in moisture and smooth the skin.* Glow MatrixTM uses clinically tested ceramides with results starting in just 15 days.

Gift Guide Niyama Leggings

Gift Guide Niyama Yoga Pants

These Yoga Pants for Movement Artists are have the mission of Empowering Versatility and Beauty. They are the perfect items for sunset yoga sessions, traveling the world, or local coffee shop meetups. Niyama leggings suit all people from yogis and gym junkies to dancers and surfers. Life is too short to not have beautiful, versatile, high-performance leggings.

Gift Guide for Yogis STRETCH by Forever New

Gift Guide Stretch Wash by Forever New

Do you love your yoga pants? How do you keep them looking and feeling new? STRETCH is specially designed for yoga, swimwear, and all athleisure clothing. This eco-friendly laundry care line removes sweat, odor, and chlorine, all while maintaining the STRETCH of your clothes. Wash it right, wear it forever!

Gift Guide for Yogis One Tribe Apparel

Gift Guide One Tribe

Discover irresistible hand stitched harem pants & embroidered yoga straps from the mountains of Thailand. Adorn yourself in the comfortable bohemian styles of One Tribe Apparel knowing a donation for every sale is made to the Elephant Nature Park that saves and humanely treats elephants.

Gift Guide for Yogis Soybu

Gift Guide Soybu

Based in Denver, Colorado, Soybu offers active fashion for life on the go. The brand’s product line-up features performance apparel creatively designed to move seamlessly between everyday activities without sacrificing quality or style. For a limited time, save 25% on your entire order with code LAYOGA.

Gift Guide for Yogis Civettala

Gift Guide Civettala

Civettala’s gold hematite bracelet adds a festive sparkle to your holiday. The stone is commonly used to ground and stabilize. It is also is closely related to the root chakra, helping to transform negative energies into a more positive vibration. A beautiful bracelet that has a meaning and a purpose.

Gift Guide for Yogis Eco Vine Wine Club

Gift Guide Eco Vine Wine Club

All Organic Since 1998. Eco Vine Wine Club is North America’s oldest and most respected purveyor of exclusively Organic Wines. We specialize in carefully selected wines from all over the U.S. and the world, grown in unique organic terroir, each vineyard producing clean, fresh superior grapes that are both good for the earth and tantalizing for the palate.

Gift Guide for Yogis David Oreck Candles

Gift Guide David Oreck Candles

Relax and light a candle! You can relax knowing that David Oreck’s Essential Oil and Soy candles are made with the highest quality ingredients with a natural, cotton weave, extra wide wick for a clean even burn. Choose from Eucalyptus, Lemon + Grapefruit, Geranium + Basil and more. Buy Two Get One FREE! 1-800-464-1450

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