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Shopping can be mission-driven when we find yoga gear to support goals. Support your practice and discover products produced by conscious and conscientious mission-driven small businesses.

Pathwater Product Yoga Gear


PATHWATER is on a mission to eliminate single-use plastic bottles by offering a sleek and stylish alternative. PATHWATER is the first purified water in a refillable bottle. It is ideal for the studio, gym, sports, and daily hydration. PATHWATER is expanding quickly but for now you can find it at your local 7/11, Gelsons, and Lassens! Learn more at:

Meaning to Pause Bracelet


Pause… Take a deep breath… Re-frame your thoughts… A simple tool to help add meaningful moments to your busy life. Your meaning to pause® bracelet provides a gentle vibration every 60 or 90 minutes, prompting you to reframe your thoughts. Use code: LAYOGA to receive a special gift with purchase! Learn more at:

Wei of Chocolate


Chocolate is always a Yes! Luscious, organic chocolate melting in your mouth brings you mindfully into the present moment. Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, Paleo. Infused with flower remedies to balance body & mind. Guided meditations available. 9 delicious flavors. Up to 20% off. Learn more at:

Bliss Kit Featured Image


Bliss Kit is thoughtfully curated box of natural products and enlightening rituals for women of all ages who yearn to feel beautiful inside and out. Each quarter we create a themed Bliss Kit with natural/organic products to create a pampering wellness experience, sharing mindful ways to live a healthier, happier life. Learn more at:

Astura Yoga Gear


With 10,000 5-star reviews, Asutra ® is the go-to for individuals who understand that active self-care is key to an awesome life. We sell cruelty-free, organic, natural wellness products. They work because we only put in the good stuff: plants, minerals, and essential oils for your body, mind, and soul. Learn more at:

Yogavated Yoga Clothing Yoga Gear


Yogavated Athletics™ creates limited-edition activewear designed to “motivate & inspire.” Collaborating with artists from around the globe, our activewear connects you to the energy of art. Each legging’s mantra encompasses the intention behind the artwork & serves to motivate you to new heights. Eco-friendly and USA-made. $25 off Code: WearArt. Learn more at:

Yummy & Trendy Yoga Pose Yoga Clothing


Yummy & Trendy® is an active lifestyle brand designed for you to Wear it. Feel it. Love it.® Shop our Mindful Collection; ultra lightweight, comfy and eco-friendly. Feels like second skin! #WearitFeelitLoveit. Proudly made in the U.S.A. Shop online and get 20% off your purchase USE CODE: LAYOGA. Learn more at:

Mediterrea CBD Oil


Made with our own 99% pure CBD Isolate and MCT oil, Medterra’s MedOil Tincture is a natural fit in your daily regimen. Take your yoga practice to an entirely new level of relaxed. Get 20% off your order with code: layoga. Learn more at:

Down Dog Customizable Yoga Mats


DownDog Yoga Mats are designed for people as passionate about their pets as they are about their practice! Upload 3 photos of your pet (or whatever most inspires you) to get a quality, colorful yoga mat in 7 to 12 days. Our mats are phthalate-free and printed with solar-powered presses. Learn more at:

Superfood Seasoning


Extraordinary herb and spice blends for your everyday health & culinary delight! Organic, fair trade and non GMO. No salts and no fillers. Inspired by the wisdom of Ayurvedic Medicine, our delicious Turmeric and Prebiotic superfood seasoning blends nourish digestive heath, detox the body, and fight inflammation. Find at all Erewhon Markets & Rainbow Acres. Learn more at:

Love Pray Jewelry Bracelet


Jewelry for love collection by Lovepray jewelry, made with gemstones known to keep and attract love into the wearer’s life. Use code: LALOVE for 20% off ends 03/01/19. Follow us on Instagram @LOVEPRAYjewelry and receive a free bracelet with your order! Learn more at:

Move Me Yoga Clothing


MoveMe’s new Core Collection is incredibly soft, fitted and uses innovative SPF 50, quick-dry technology, exuding a buttery softness and cool, naked sensation. The MoveMe line currently features leggings, tank tops, crop tops, sweatshirts, shorts, dresses and long-sleeved shirts available in magenta, iris, seafoam and black. Learn more at:

Komuso Design


This necklace encourages slow, conscious breathing that when exhaling through it, your heart rate, nervous system, mind and body all relax, just like a mini meditation. Wear it too as a reminder to breathe. It’s not a whistle, it’s a zen-dant. It’s the perfect gift for someone with stress! Learn more at:

Nuevo Sol Yoga Pants


Our limited edition athleisure wear is uniquely hand crafted and eco-responsible. Each garment is original art, as unique as you are. Stretch in Style! Our triple seams will hold you firmly in place as you deepen your reach. Enter LAYOGA at checkout and receive 30% off your first purchase. Learn more at:

Person with Yoga Gear Yoga Mat


Committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle for the mind, body and soul, Corc Yoga produces the most natural & sustainable yoga mats in the world. A percentage of each purchase supports youth mental health causes locally and abroad in Portugal. Learn more at:

The Pose Box


The POSE Box is a lifestyle subscription box for women delivering activewear, lingerie, & self-care products every other month. We dare to set ourselves apart from the competition by providing a subscription that caters to the whole woman, inside and out! Save $10 on your first box with code LAYOGA. Learn more at:

Gravity Ball Health Systems


Imagine an exercise companion that enhances core strength, flexibility, symmetry and balance. The Gravity Ball is an innovation in Grip-Free resistance exercise that attaches to the hands and feet. Its unique system of straps provides an array of challenging exercises that will take your yoga practice to new heights! Learn more at:

The Good Hippie Calm Muscle Rub


The Calm Muscle Rub is a blend of pure, nourishing botanical oils and pain-relieving anti-inflammatory essential oils. It creates a powerful massage oil that helps ease the discomfort of painful muscles and joints. To use, massage into areas of discomfort as needed, breathe deeply and relax. Learn more at:

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Stay informed and inspired with the best of the week in Los Angeles, etc. and more ...

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