Venius wearing leopard face mask

LA’s Yoga Community Pivoting Production to Face Masks for Sale and Donation

Daily practice means that we’re practicing every day, throughout the day. Now part of our practice is safety for ourselves and for your community. One of the ways we’ve been asked to practice safely is through wearing face masks in public and while shopping. The latest recommendations from CDC and the instructions in the City of Los Angeles ask us to wear masks. Think of it as a collective discipline and a reminder to draw our attention inward even more deeply. A number of LA-based companies and creators have pivoted their production to make face masks in their cottage industries. They’re offering them for sale to keep their teams employed—and they’re donating masks to make them available to healthcare providers and other people in need. Buy a mask and support community at all levels.

Venius wearing face mask

Venius—Masks as a Lifestyle Statement

Fashion designer Venius has put her creativity to creating face masks.  Available on and on Etsy, Venius‘ thoughtful designs are machine washable, cotton-lined with a white interior and a poly-rayon cover as well as pocket where you can insert replaceable filters. The hooks fit snugly around the ears. Made in LA using overstock fabrics from her original collection of turbans and Luxe Yoga. Venius is donating masks to people in the service industry who need masks to wear. One size fits all. Learn more at on or on Etsy.


Onzie Healthcare face mask

Onzie’s Mindful Masks

Mindful Masks are made with heart and soul in Los Angeles, CA from up-cycled fabrics used in Onzie’s beloved yoga clothing. Onzie has donated over 3,000 masks (and counting!) to local hospitals. A portion of proceeds will be donated to healthcare workers across America through a donation to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy.

Onzie Face Mask Donation

Masks are available for sale or donation on and come in a pack of two.

Onzie Mindful Face Mask

Read more from Onzie about their intention behind their Mindful Masks.



Jamilla wearing Starwater Yoga Face mask

11:11 x Starwater Yoga: Bright Colorful Patterns

Jamila Tazewell of Eleven Eleven and Starwater Yoga says, “Last week we pivoted our production within a few days to produce cotton face masks with fabric we have on hand for our Starwater Yoga pillows and new dresses. These masks are machine washable with three layers and have a pocket for a filter. We are offering an option to buy a second mask at a greatly reduced rate that we will donate on the customers behalf to people in need on the front lines of the pandemic.” Jamila says, “We are a small team and we are very grateful for the orders and support as it allows us to provide an urgently needed item and to stay in business in this challenging time.” Your purchase of a donation mask will go to hospitals, organizations, and individuals in need on the front lines currently experiencing critical shortages of masks.

Orders can be placed on the 11:11 website:

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Stay informed and inspired with the best of the week in Los Angeles, etc. and more ...

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