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What was the turning point in your life when you started to dedicate your energies to activism and how do you include this in your life today? And how can people become more involved at this crucial time?

Richard Greene Progressive Activism

Richard Greene on Actions for Progressive Activism

I have always loved politics and civics. I served as a Congressional Intern and I ran for Congress myself. In addition, I was a Fellow at The Constitutional Rights Foundation. Over the years, I have coached countless Presidents, Prime Ministers, Governors, Congresspersons, Senators, and Mayors. I have even hosted a national show on it for three years on Air America Radio.

What inspires me is a whole new vision for politics. And a whole new way of doing politics. In short, I believe that politics and political action is the quickest and most powerful way for large scale spiritual change and evolution. And I’ve designed a disruptive yet super simple new way to get there based on an epiphany I had. An epiphany that “told” me that there was a “Magic Number” for America (and every other country) to get whatever we want.

279 for Change Campaign

In my 279 for Change Campaign (, I explain that Citizens can get – literally – anything and everything we collectively want. This includes revolutionary climate change and environmental legislation and a vibrant “Green New Deal” that creates visionary 21st Century environmental infrastructure with lots of new jobs, money out of politics, GMO Labeling and, indeed, a ban on GMOs and pesticides and even a mandate for agriculture to be 100% regenerative, affordable healthcare for all, total income equality across the country, equal pay for women, lower college tuition, and on and on.

If we in The United States can elect 279 people who are committed to passing these kinds of bills this will be done. It can happen almost immediately. We need 218 people to vote for these bills in The House, 60 in The Senate and 1 person to sign them in The White House.

We need to “Billify’ not Vilify” in America.  Let’s forget political parties, politicians, “politics as usual” and HIRE candidates who will commit to these bills.  And on November 3, 2020 we can re-elect 218 in The House who already believe in them (Democrats), flip 13 of the 23 Republican seats that are up for re-election in The Senate to reach 60 and elect a Democrat who will sign these to The White House.

We are 14 people away from getting what the vast majority of spiritually oriented people – and, in fact, all Americans – want . . . but only if some of the 100 Million, mainly young people, who will not otherwise participate, start believing in a positive vision of politics and actually vote!  #SpiritualPoliticalNirvana2020

Progressive Activism at The Conscious Life Expo

Richard Greene is one of the notable speakers participating on a panel on Progressive Activism Panel at the 17th Conscious Life Expo on February 23, 2019 at the LAX Hilton.

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