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Creative Paperie and Press Soolip Sends Free Thank You Cards

Do you know a hero working on the frontline? A doctor, nurse, grocery store, or pharmacy worker, who is risking their life everyday for us? Soolip wants to help YOU express your gratitude through thank you cards.

Posted initiative from Soolip

Soolip is a paperie, press, and creative agency founded by dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher Wanda Wen.

To be in service to our heroes during this time, Soolip has launched Posted, a handwritten card mailing service – on them. Messages to COVID Aid workers are free. Soolip is inviting everyone to send love to a frontline worker by simply visiting, picking out a card and the Soolip team will take care of the rest. Accept the invitation by Soolip to send love to a frontline worker.

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Inspiration through Thank You Cards

Wanda says “I am inspired to spread love and support where it is needed most during this time. The people that deserve this most are those on the frontline, risking their lives so we all can be safe. From doctors, nurses and everyone in the medical field, to grocery store workers and postal workers, these individuals are keeping our country glued together.

We are seeing people sending cards to frontline workers they know. As well, we’ve received orders from people who are sending love and gratitude anonymously to hospitals and organizations who are working tirelessly.

To receive a handwritten card is an emotionally powerful experience.”

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Carol Leija is a nurse at UC Davis Cancer Center. She said this to a friend who sent a handwritten card, “Oh, such a beautiful and thoughtful handmade card made its way to me today. Truly, it brought tears to my eyes as it came during a very busy and at times frightening few days at work (due to potential CoVID exposure). Receiving your card and reading your words was like honey to my soul. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.”

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Share some love. Something the world needs even more today.

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