UPLIFT Teen Mentors on Bridge

UPLIFT Teen Yoga Mentors Photographed by Nicole Moser

UPLIFT Teen Yoga Mentor Kelsey Delane finds strength in herself through yoga. A strength she shares with the community at UPLIFT Yoga. Join her and the rest of the community at the UPLIFT Yoga BASH on September 21.

What brought you to yoga?

I was a freshman at San Diego State when I was invited to my first yoga class at the student rec center by my dear friend. I had been suffering from chronic, severe anxiety and depression since adolescence, and believed I was physically and emotionally weak. When I tried yoga, I was grateful for the opportunity to explore something that was physical so I could build strength in my body and belief in myself.

What keeps you motivated in your practice?

I am my best self when I’m connected to my practice. Knowing that I am best equipped to nurture myself, mother my daughters, love my husband, and show up for my students when I am in a state of yoga keeps me motivated.

What do you learn from being a mentor?

I’m reminded that I’m not alone, and that the experiences I have as a female and as a human being are less unique than I once thought. I am reminded that we don’t have to suffer in isolation; community and connection allow us to work through challenges in our inner world and our circumstances. I am reminded that girls and women are capable of radical things, especially when we surround and support each other!

What do you learn from the other mentors?

I’ve learned something special and priceless from each of my fellow mentors! As a whole, I’ve learned that in order to bring our dreams to life, we truly need the unique blend of talents and experiences that we each bring to the table. Specifically, I’ve learned from my co-mentor, Lena, that having fun and being playful are absolutely necessary! She is always game for an adventure, and it ignites excitement within me that can sometimes be subdued.

What do you tell people when they say that they’re thinking about trying a yoga practice but they’re not sure where to begin?

I tell them that yoga is an umbrella term that encompasses so much. Remain open-minded and explore a variety of approaches, in different settings with different teachers. It makes me sad when someone says they tried yoga once and didn’t like it. I compare it to having a meal that you didn’t like and deciding you don’t like food…find the kind you do like. There is something for everyone, seriously!

What’s your go-to personal practice?

Right now, as a busy mama, my go-to practice is Japa Mala Meditation. It grounds my mind, focuses my attention on what brings me joy, and can be done almost anywhere. This stuff needs to be practical and fit into our lifestyle, or we simply won’t do it consistently!

Are there any books you find inspirational?

Oh so many books! I’m a serious bookworm. The first few to come to mind are: The Heart of Yoga, A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, and The Conscious Parent. I’m also a big fan of podcasts and think everyone would benefit from listening to Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations…it’s like heart food.

What’s your superpower?

Loving people. I can’t help it, I deeply and unconditionally love human beings. This love allows me to see the best in people, and offer grace freely.

Join Kelsey Delane at the UPLIFT Yoga Bash!

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Join 600 yogis on the Eve of the Equinox – Friday, September 21st at Doheny State Beach. We are raising funds and awareness for UPLIFT Teen Yoga‘s new Outreach Division, which will bring yoga and mindfulness to the teens in Orange County who need it most.


Our upscale Birds of Paradise VIP Pre-Party will be from 5-7pm with 250 guests. Here we will have all kinds of entertainment: delicious hors d’oeuvres, non-alcoholic beverages, “Insta-Famous” acro yogi performances, Giant Angel Wings by Colette Miller of Global Angel Wings Project, a Flower Power Braid Bar, Fire Dancers, Essential Oils & Card Readings, and tons more.


At sunset, all yogi guests will move to the beach for a massive OM Circle led by CorePower Yoga’s Chief Yoga Office, Heather Peterson.

MAIN EVENT – 7-9pm

After the OM Circle, we will move to the beautiful grass area adjacent to the beach, underneath Doheny’s 80 foot majestic palm trees. CorePower Yoga’s Director of Mindful Leadership, Anthony Chavez, will lead us through our inspiring yoga practice. We will be surrounded by the elements of nature, beautiful lighting, live DJ beats, and lots of surprises. Get ready for Richard Vagner’s violin Savasana!

AFTER PARTY – 9-10pm

We will move back to the VIP area and enjoy good company, cozy food, live music, non-alcoholic drinks, more acro yoga performances & entertainment. There will also be opportunities to purchase goodies to benefit UPLIFT Teen Yoga.


All proceeds benefit our new Outreach Division of UPLIFT Teen Yoga, which brings yoga and mindfulness to the teens who need it most in Orange County.

Use Promo Code “FINDBLISS” for a 15% off discount!

UPLIFT Yoga Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization.