Runyon Canyon Yoga Continues Despite Canyon Trail Closures.

The LA Parks Department has water system improvements to do that will benefit the surrounding communities as well as the Fire Department. “Completely closing down the park’s hiking trails ensures that the work can be done faster,” says Lauren Stillman of FORC (Friends of Runyon Canyon).

The good news is that, thanks to the advocacy of Friends of Runyon Canyon, the park’s yoga field will remain open and still offering donation-based classes seven days week, confirms Daniel Overberger of Runyon Canyon Yoga. They have six teachers offering a variety of styles, and for the next couple of months, parking will be a breeze.

Runyon Canyon Yoga Classes


With no specific dates announced, we will have to stay tuned as to when the park will actually reopen. In the meantime, there are great hiking alternatives nearby such as Franklin Canyon Park and Fryman Canyon Park. (And if you happen to see Amy Schumer at one of them, give me a jingle, will you? I’m convinced we need to be BFFs!)

The Runyon Canyon Yoga schedule can be found on Facebook and Twitter.