About Julie Hale

Julie Devi Hale, MFT, eRYT is a psychotherapist, yoga and meditation teacher who attends to private clients in Los Angeles as well as runs retreats regularly in her home away-from-home; the Sequoia National Forest: juliehale.net

Tender Greens Westwood

When you walk into Tender Greens off of Westwood’s busy Glendon Avenue, you can feel a sense of immediate respite from the neighborhood bustle outside. In order to accommodate the farm to table eatery, the historic building has been lovingly remodeled. One area has been stripped down to the original brick walls while the addition [...]

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Documentary Film Gurukulam Depicts Ashram Life

  Curl up with a cup of warm hot tea and steep yourself in this meditative and intimate documentary about day to day life in a Vedantic ashram in a remote part of India. Filmed partly ‘cinema verite’ style (where the camera attempts to just be an observer and not comment or lead the viewer [...]

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Dying to Know Film Review

I’m sitting watching the documentary film Dying to Know on my computer with earbuds in, tears streaming down my face. My daughter walks by, and smiles sympathetically (she’s used to seeing me cry). “Good movie?” she asks? “Good movie,” I reply. This documentary is indeed a magnificently moving and sometimes hilarious tribute to the relationship between Ram [...]

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The Promise – Mark Whitwell

Mark Whitwell outlines a transformative practice in his latest book, The Promise. Mark Whitwell is a name widely recognized in the yoga community. An accomplished yogi and sage who has been on the forefront of the contemporary yoga scene for over 20 years, his new, slim publication distills his trademark message into an easy to [...]

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Youth Yoga Week

Start summer with Youth Yoga Week from May 16 - 20, 2016 in Los Angeles! If you dream of yoga being offered in more schools throughout Los Angeles—connect with the nonprofit organization Youth Yoga. May marks their second annual Youth Yoga Week and since last May they’ve organized ongoing yoga programs at Abraham Lincoln High [...]

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Rescue Dogs Film Review

If you like talking animal movies, you’ll appreciate this indie effort about rescue dogs, starring actual rescue dogs. The film is a very broad comedy but with a movement behind it; to bring awareness to the cause of rescuing pets. Set in a fairytale fake southern California beach town (too perfect if you actually live [...]

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Yoga Continues During Runyon Canyon Renovations

Runyon Canyon Yoga Continues Despite Canyon Trail Closures. The LA Parks Department has water system improvements to do that will benefit the surrounding communities as well as the Fire Department. “Completely closing down the park’s hiking trails ensures that the work can be done faster,” says Lauren Stillman of FORC (Friends of Runyon Canyon). The [...]

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