Corazon Healing Arts CenterCorazon Healing Arts wellness center opens its doors in Beverly Hills, California.

Corazon Healing Arts is an intimate wellness center founded by Dana Schwartz and David Watts, who are partners in both their professional and married lives. They say, “Our commitment in marriage to each other is a guiding force and foundation in all that we do. We aim to bring this level of commitment to the art, practice, and study of medicine.”

Both David and Dana are licensed acupuncturists, herbalists, and massage therapists who lean heavily on their training and experiences in Peruvian shamanism. They have created a peaceful and nurturing atmosphere in their center, which sits conveniently central to LA’s Westside and Eastside communities. Bringing the wealth and breadth of their disciplines to their clients means offering a full range of services including acupuncture, herbal medicine, hands-on bodywork, and the Andean practice of Despacho, an ancient and powerful offering to Mother Earth to create balance and well-being.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the Corazon Healing Arts offerings is related to their use of essential oils. Essential oils are aromatic compounds found in all parts of plants that are used as a powerful modality to promote vibrant health. Dana and David distribute high-grade certified therapeutic grade oils and hold seminars and workshops to educate how to use essential oils in a variety of ways—including with your pets and companion animals.

Corazon Healing Arts

918 South Robertson Blvd. #3

Beverly Hills, CA 90210



By Zoë Kors, Creative Director and Senior Editor of LA Yoga Magazine.