Open Doors: The BOD by Kym Herjavec

Let your light shine! Kym Herjevec is an Aussie native turned professional dancer and three-time Dancing with the Stars champion who envisioned building a studio to bring dance fitness to the people. When Kym heard that motivational fitness legend Richard Simmons was closing the doors of his famous Beverly Hills studio Slimmons (after 40 years [...]

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AZIAM Yoga Brentwood

Alanna Zabel, owner of AZIAM Yoga, which sits serenely over San Vicente and 26th Street, moved into the space because she felt the stars align. While following a series of undeniable signs from the Universe, her path led directly back the sun-filled Brentwood space where she taught 20 years ago when it was Maha Yoga. [...]

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HB Yoga Collective in Huntington Beach

Photo of HB Yoga Collective by Carrie Cowan   The metamorphosis of the HB Yoga Collective is a homecoming for many like me who started their practice in this space when it was called Yoga Place and then when it was YogaWorks. Now a group of new owners—supported by a community who provided [...]

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Ra Yoga in Newport Beach

  Ra Yoga’s flagship studio in Costa Mesa has been around and thriving for just over five years. Those who are fortunate enough to call it their “home studio” will eagerly offer commentary about their favorite classes and teachers, how beautiful the space is, or how Ra Yoga has transformed their practice. What inevitably follows [...]

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Hot Yoga 1000 in Newbury Park

Kevin Mattison was introduced to his first Bikram class as he was approaching 50; in this class he found the yoga practice that resonated the most with him. In 2011, he completed teacher training. After a career change from scientist to yoga teacher, a trip to India, and a few months of searching for the [...]

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Goorus Yoga Studio opens in Pacific Palisades

  The intention of the space behind the name, Goorus (think Guru) is a remembrance of the heart teacher in us all. Goorus Yoga is the only dedicated yoga studio in Pacific Palisades, believe it or not. Husband and wife team Gretchen and John Lightfoot didn’t plan on opening a yoga studio. But after news [...]

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re:YOGA therapy + wellness yoga studio

re:YOGA therapy + wellness isn’t your traditional yoga studio. Founded by yoga therapist May Che, re:YOGA focuses on individualized programs designed to meet the personal needs and goals of students through private lessons and semi-private classes. Che’s vision was to offer a safe, non-competitive space for wellness where students can work directly with experienced practitioners [...]

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yoga squared, Tustin

Yoga Squared offers yoga classes for beginners, prenatal, Vinyasa, toddler yoga workshops and more in Orange County. On top of a full schedule of yoga classes ranging from “Square One Beginner’s Flow” to prenatal, restorative, and Vinyasa, yoga squared has a unique offering: babysitting for every single weekday class. Owner Casey Merkling struggled to find [...]

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Haute Yogi, Manhattan Beach

  Take in oceans views at Haute Yogi's newest yoga studio in Manhattan Beach. The continued evolution and success of Haute Yogi has led owner Tiffany Friedman to move to a brand new studio just a few blocks from her original and now former location. With its roots in traditional Gosh/Bikram hot yoga, Haute Yogi [...]

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Pop Physique's quaint space on a stretch of Larchmont Boulevard marks the brand's latest studio. Located down the way from Cafe Gratitude and Lemonade, the white-painted bungalow with dark wood trim may look understated from the outside, but its interior is anything but. Created by professional ballet dancer and Pilates instructor Jennifer Williams and her [...]

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