Kevin Mattison was introduced to his first Bikram class as he was approaching 50; in this class he found the yoga practice that resonated the most with him. In 2011, he completed teacher training. After a career change from scientist to yoga teacher, a trip to India, and a few months of searching for the perfect studio location across the country, Kevin and his wife Amy finally found a home for the Hot Yoga 1000 logo the two had created. Filling a void in the area, Kevin and Amy planted their Bikram Method studio, Hot Yoga 1000, in Newbury Park last March.

At Hot Yoga 1000, “We put people first,” says Kevin. “We encourage people of all experience and ability levels to achieve their best in and out of the hot room.”  

The studio aims to provide a framework of holistic healing modalities through yoga, therapeutic massage, and nutrition. In addition to co-owning the studio, Amy Mattison is an experienced bodyworker whose technique, The Mattison Method, combines integrative bodywork and brain-based coaching.

Hot Yoga 1000 hosts a full schedule of Bikram Method Hatha yoga classes daily, taught by a well-trained and dedicated team of Bikram graduates who all hold additional yoga training certificates. The environmentally controlled hot room averages 105 degrees Fahrenheit, while the humidity level ranges from 38 to 40 percent. During the 90 minute practice, yogis engage in the Bikram Method’s 26 asanas and two pranayamas (breathing practices). Don’t be alarmed to find Veronica the (stuffed animal) tiger lounging alongside the mats. She’s the studio mascot and toy whose role is to encourage students to maintain strength in challenging poses.


Hot Yoga 1000

Newbury Park

1714 Newbury Road, Suite P

Newbury Park, CA 91320


Melissa Chua Miranda is a journalism graduate from Cal-State Northridge, avid Crossfitter and yogi. She enjoys inversions and arm-balancing asanas to challenge her practice. [email protected] 

Melissa Chua is an LA-based writer who enjoys inversions and playing around with arm balancing poses. [email protected]