Rising Lotus Yoga Studio opens its renovated doors in Sherman Oaks.

For nearly a decade, Rising Lotus Yoga has been serving the Valley community for nearly a decade. After months of renovations, this large independent community now has an even larger location to call home.

When Claire Hartley and Daniel Stewart decided to open a yoga studio together, their intention was to create a space to incorporate sutra (yoga philosophy), and bhakti (devotion) within the asana classes. Claire says, “We loved to build up the bhav (feeling) in the room and integrate the yoga philosophy and sutras on the mat. Daniel and I wanted to build a temple.”

Indeed, the new space feels like a temple and embodies all the elements that yoga practitioners seek to support their practice. As you walk into the new location, the sun shining through the windows evokes both clarity and purity of light (jyotir – light of our true selves). The expansiveness of the lofty ceilings is a reminder of the limitless potential and freedom within (moksa).

The community seating area provides an invitation for everyone to connect with fellow students. In addition to ongoing classes, the three studios rooms are available for conscious events, including talks, speakers and devotional music offerings, to reach those interested in expanding their spiritual practice beyond asana.

Rising Lotus Yoga Studio

14148 Magnolia Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

818-990-0282, risinglotusyoga.com

Written by Natalie Macam, a Yoga Teacher and based in Los Angeles, tigerwaveyoga.com