Farm to Table Meal at Tender Greens Westwood

When you walk into Tender Greens off of Westwood’s busy Glendon Avenue, you can feel a sense of immediate respite from the neighborhood bustle outside. In order to accommodate the farm to table eatery, the historic building has been lovingly remodeled. One area has been stripped down to the original brick walls while the addition of a huge skylight in the main dining room—directly over the communal table—offers soft, natural sunlight to support the large centerpiece of fresh salad greens from a local farm in Oxnard. The walls are covered with striking paintings by a local artist. This ambience supports the overall philosophy about the food served here, clean, natural with elegant touches. The fast casual counter ordering ensures that you can be in and out of there quickly if you need to, but the relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant and the nice beer/wine/aqua fresca/kombucha selection invite you to stay and chat for awhile.

Tender Greens is unique in that while many locations share menu items, each location has its own Executive Chef (with a fine dining background) who not only ensures the quality of the dishes offered, but creates their own daily specials. Says Westwood’s Executive Chef Kirsten Walker, “It’s a creative challenge to come up with recipes that fit into not only the philosophical quality of our food, but that can be offered as fast casual fare.” The menu items are locally and sustainably sourced with options for omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans alike, making this suitable to satisfy a wide variety of palates and preferences. The big plates are offered mix-and-match style with choices of main dish and sides and can be served as a sandwich, hot plate, or salad. In addition, a variety of comfort soups, salads, rotating desserts, and kids’ options are on offer.

Just a warning, it’s Westwood, so street parking is scarce. Walk, bike, take transit, carpool, or plan ahead and stack your visit with a trip to the local Trader Joe’s. Even with that challenge, as an express, healthy and affordable new option—Tender Greens is a welcome addition to Westwood Village.

Tender Greens
Westwood Village
1109 Glendon Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(213) 335-5359