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Plant-Based Veggie Grill’s Comfort Food

Veggie Grill continues to lead the pack of plant-based fast casual restaurants in not only in California but across the country. The Veggie Grill Downtown LA is an outpost of this growing group of restaurants. What I love about their menu is that while everything is plant-based, the items are recognizable fare. They don’t offer concoctions that render the plants unrecognizable.

Veggie Grill really brought comfort food to the plant-based game. Wraps and salads? On the menu. More than that. If you want a burger and fries? They have the best. Mac-n-cheese, taco salad? Yum and YUM.

I know I love Veggie Grill. And and when I was reading other people’s reviews, I found it interesting how many started with the phrase, “I’m not a vegetarian, but…” Then they go on to extol the virtues of their four different kinds of burgers, as well as sandwiches, tacos, and side dishes such as fries and cauli-mashed potatoes and gravy.

Plant-Based Tacos at Veggie Grill Downtown LA

Veggie Grill Downtown LA

The DTLA location has the familiar and cozy Veggie Grill feel with streamlined ordering and dining experiences as well as convenient take-out and delivery to serve the growing vibrancy of the downtown live/work area.

Veggie Grill was started in 2006 by Kevin Boylan and friend T.K. Pillan who vegan were discussing various new projects, and after personally experiencing the benefits of a veggie-based diet, wanted to create a way for others to have the same breakthrough. It has now grown to 32 locations in four states.

According to Veggie Grill CEO Steve Heeley, “With this opening, Veggie Grill will be a part of Downtown Los Angeles’ revitalization and cater to a dynamic community who believes in our purpose – better for you. Better for the planet.” Word, Steve.

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Find Veggie Grill in Downtown LA at 523 West 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014
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