Indulge in a Babymoon, a pre-birth vacation to help expecting mothers enjoy the last moments of pregnancy.

Walking has become more like waddling. Sleep, as much as you need it right now, is fleeting as you fight to find a position that’s comfortable. Every moment of silent relaxation is interrupted by the thought, “In two months, I will never experience this peaceful solitude again.” So what do you do? Get out of town!

A Babymoon is a pregnant woman’s must-have. Like a honeymoon where you steal away with your new hubby for some much needed post-wedding downtime as you focus on this life-changing next phase of life, a Babymoon is a pre-birth vacation that allows you to get away from it all, relax, and focus on the true joy of pregnancy and imminent next life phase. Unlike a honeymoon, however, this vacation is experienced before, as opposed to after the event, as taking a few days away is simply not in the cards for at least several months once the baby arrives.

This pre-baby trip is traditionally taken with your partner, allowing for some serious couple time. However, if you two are no longer an item, that might be the last thing on the planet you want to do! So take this opportunity to indulge in girl time. After all, once the baby has come into your world, your focus will shift from friends to the little peanut that needs your full, undivided attention… at all times. If it’s a weekend of solitary me-time, indulge in a friend-free getaway! If your mom is your bestie, this is an opportunity for a mother/daughter trip before you become a mother yourself. As a single and pregnant woman, I decided to spend my Babymoon with my sister, Julia.

Our destination: San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, California. An overnight bag stuffed with two bathing suits, flip flops, and a couple of casual pregnancy dresses (for dinner) was plenty for our two night stay, plus my Snoogle pillow, since it is my absolute pregnancy sleep must-have. It was clear that the staff was accustomed to pregnant guests, informing me upon check-in that the hot tub on our private patio had already been turned down to 100 degrees to accommodate me. We walked through our cottage’s private garden gate, the stress easing away before getting to the front door where a sign saying “Houses,” for the House sisters, marked this home as our temporary residence. Inside was a living room with a fireplace, bedroom, huge bathroom, and gigantic flower-adorned patio with a private hot tub. Complimentary champagne, chocolates, chips, local salsa, olives, caramel popcorn, sodas, juice, and waters were set up for our enjoyment.

With the exception of taking advantage of the hotel’s afternoon wine and cheese hour in the main building, and dressing up for dinner at their acclaimed (and aptly so) Stonehouse Restaurant, we stayed robed and en suite and relaxed for the entire two-and-a-half days. We even ordered a movie and took advantage of the complimentary popcorn delivery service as our evening activity.

My typical vacation includes sightseeing, miles of walking, extravagant dining, and enough activities to pack a day and exhaust me to sleep at night. Doing next to nothing was extreme for me and it was exactly what I needed in celebration and preparation for the amazing, challenging, tiring, scary, thrilling, fulfilling next phase that is imminently approaching.

Regardless of whom you escape with and where you choose to flee to, here are a few things to keep in mind before you go:Timing
Take your trip before you’re too big to enjoy a light stroll and definitely before you’re anywhere near delivery (just in case baby decides to pop out early). Late second or early third trimester is ideal.
As much as Bali sounds like a luxurious getaway, be realistic as to your comfort level during long flights, boat rides, and even simply sitting in a seriously humid climate. It’s best to select a location that is either a drive or short flight away.
Traveling Companion
This is not a bachelorette party. You don’t have to include everyone! The last thing you want to do is feel like you have to be planning, organizing, overseeing, or pleasing. Pick a travel partner who you are truly close to, who is a natural nurturer, and who will want to spend time celebrating and accommodating you.
The best plan is to have no plan aside from relaxing. Schedule spa treatments and maybe a few meals, but aside from that, expect to do pretty much nothing. That’s the point. If you can, get a room with an outdoor Jacuzzi tub so that you can just soak and feel buoyant in the water—giving your overloaded body some much-needed relief.

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