Pause Float Studio

While I’ve heard people talk about the benefits of floating, my first experience floating was at Pause Float Studio in Venice. It is located in a nondescript storefront (at least from the street) on Washington Boulevard, just east of Lincoln.

The moment I stepped inside the doors of this carefully designed oasis of relaxation, it is as though I paused for a very deep breath. This experience of unsolicited deep breaths continued throughout my session. The deep breaths are part of what inspired Pause Float Studio Owner and Founder Jeff Ono to open the location. He fell in love with floating after trying it and found that the relaxation offered supported his ability to show up for everything else in his life—including raising a family. When the time was right, left his corporate job to build and open the float studio Pause.

Some of the benefits of floating—as compared to taking a bath or soaking in a hot tub—come from the entire experience. The water temperature, dark room, and silence (ambient music and guided meditations are available), along with high concentrations of magnesium sulfate in the water combine to create a sensory deprivation immersion that allows for a meditative full-body restorative session. The magnesium sulfate increases buoyancy and is easily absorbed through the skin. Magnesium is noted for its ability to improve muscle relaxation and recovery as well as facilitate nervous system balance and even sound sleep. One of the benefits of modern floatation is that advanced filtration systems mean that you’re soaking in clean water

Pause offers different options for people wanting a deep relaxing and meditation. The pods provide a womb-like container while the float rooms have higher ceilings and a more open feel. All of the float spaces have adjacent private showers so you can fully rinse both before and after the soak. Clean skin before you immerse yourself allows your body to soak up the salts while showering after rinses off any residuals. Arrive early (parking in the area is convenient) to fully prepare for your soak and linger after with a warm cup of soothing tea.

Pause Float Studio can be found at: 13353 Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles, 90066