Outwardly, every yogi’s practice may look different, but inwardly we’re all striving to create the same thing: space.

At Inner Space Yoga in downtown Santa Ana, surrounded by the simplicity of four white walls and a sturdy cork floor, you can discover for yourself what the practice brings.

The studio opened in October as part of “The Roost,” a mixed-use development that also includes restaurants and retail. Inner Space Yoga’s schedule consists of meditation, an array of Hatha and Vinyasa classes for all levels (including Candlelight Flow), Kundalini Bliss, Outer Space Yoga (aka kids yoga), Baby and Me practices, and a handful of other specialty classes. Meditation lunchtime classes are offered for $9 for a single class with discounts for a series. Owner Marta Novials says she intends the studio “to be very community focused and to have open ears to what the community might need.” Possible future additions to the schedule include deaf yoga, LGBT yoga, and yoga for kids on the spectrum.

Marta is thrilled about the potential of bringing yoga to an area that is underserved when it comes to wellness. She says Santa Ana has developed significantly in terms of restaurants, bars, and nightlife in recent years, but “still doesn’t have many healthful, community oriented businesses.” With a fun, friendly vibe, an outdoor patio for post-yoga socializing, an ice cream shop next door serving vegan flavors, and a team of experienced teachers, Inner Space is making itself a resource for yoga and mindfulness practices in this evolving cityscape. Two week of yoga for $30 available to students new to Inner Space is available until April 2016.

Inner Space Yoga

607 East Santa Ana Blvd.

Santa Ana, CA 92701




by Alisha Kali Shakti, a yoga teacher, world traveler, bookworm, and handstand enthusiast: yogawithalisha.com.

Alisha Kali is a yoga teacher, climber, world traveler, and handstand enthusiast.