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Alisha Kali is a yoga teacher, climber, world traveler, and handstand enthusiast.

Open Doors: Yoga 108

Within the heart of downtown Long Beach, Yoga 108 offers a hideaway where strong Vinyasa (flow) yoga and Bhakti (devotion) yoga collide. Co-owners Molly Madhuri Davidson and Theresa Devi are both Bhakti yoga teachers. Theresa says they wanted to "be able to talk about Bhakti and kick people's butts at the same time."   The [...]

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Olive Yoga in Long Beach

When deciding on a name for her studio, Elizabeth Olive Bolla chose Olive not merely because it's her middle name but also because when spoken out loud, Olive Yoga sounds like "all of yoga." The name suggests that when you come to take a class, you'll be doing more than practicing postures; you'll be learning [...]

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Ra Yoga in Newport Beach

  Ra Yoga’s flagship studio in Costa Mesa has been around and thriving for just over five years. Those who are fortunate enough to call it their “home studio” will eagerly offer commentary about their favorite classes and teachers, how beautiful the space is, or how Ra Yoga has transformed their practice. What inevitably follows [...]

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Rise Yoga HB

Rise Yoga finds a larger, more permanent home in Huntington Beach. After changing locations several times since its initial opening in 2012, Rise Yoga HB is happy to open its doors to yogis and spiritual seekers in a larger, more permanent space. When owner Christelle Reigner opened the original studio, she felt compelled to share [...]

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Inner Space Yoga opens in Santa Ana

Outwardly, every yogi’s practice may look different, but inwardly we’re all striving to create the same thing: space. At Inner Space Yoga in downtown Santa Ana, surrounded by the simplicity of four white walls and a sturdy cork floor, you can discover for yourself what the practice brings. The studio opened in October as part [...]

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Fit Gal’s Closet

Fit Gal's Closet in La Quinta offers active wear for all types of workouts. Although the practice of yoga inherently helps us to feel more beautiful and confident in our own bodies, sometimes the images of idealized beauty surrounding us can have the opposite effect. Instead of perpetuating this culture by catering to just a [...]

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yoga squared, Tustin

Yoga Squared offers yoga classes for beginners, prenatal, Vinyasa, toddler yoga workshops and more in Orange County. On top of a full schedule of yoga classes ranging from “Square One Beginner’s Flow” to prenatal, restorative, and Vinyasa, yoga squared has a unique offering: babysitting for every single weekday class. Owner Casey Merkling struggled to find [...]

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YogaCycle, Redondo Beach

YogaCycle Redondo Beach is a new studio offering cycling and yoga classes for the athletically inclined. If you’re a one-stop shopper navigating the world of fitness, add YogaCycle in Redondo Beach to your favorite South Bay destinations. Co-owners Hugo and Zaneta Auler are both former athletes whose personal experiences with yoga as a healing modality [...]

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Infinite You Meditation Studio

Costa Mesa welcomes Infinite You Meditation Studio, a community space hosting daily meditation classes for all levels. When Lionela Torriero, owner of Infinite You Meditation Studio, first saw the space where she now hosts daily meditation classes and monthly workshops, she knew there was something special about the energy there. She has since transformed that [...]

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Soul Center OC

Patricia Griffith and Jessica Susolik open Soul Center OC, a spiritual community based in Orange County. Inspired by the renowned Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, mother and daughter team Patricia Griffith and Jessica Susolik set out to create a similar spiritual community in Orange County. Jessica says her visits to Agape transformed her [...]

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