About Alisha Maxine

Alisha Maxine is a yoga teacher, climber, world traveler, and handstand enthusiast.

Chants for Meditation by Kamini Natarajan

Even devoted yogis are familiar with that sudden surge of anger when someone cuts you off in traffic. We all have had moments of experiencing the slow-build frustration of commuting to work during rush hour. Yogini and singer Kamini Natarajan believes that traditional Sanskrit mantras have a power that can be harnessed to help combat [...]

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Toning: Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls by Michael and Jahna Perricone

  More yoga studios are including sound meditation classes on their schedules.  The healing, soul-soothing powers of instruments like singing bowls are becoming more accessible and widespread. It is an unbeatable experience to be  bathed in the vibrations of singing bowls a mere few feet away from your yoga mat as you lie in savasana. [...]

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Remix Yoga in Fountain Valley

Yoga can be intimidating to new students. Many people never set foot inside a yoga studio because of the preconceived notion that everyone there will be freakishly fit and flexible. Those who pass that initial hurdle and venture inside often find the Sanskrit and the Hindu deities a little overwhelming, or even at odds with [...]

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My Name is Bear, Solo Album by Nahko Bear

As of 2017, Nahko and Medicine for the People have released three studio albums. Each one is bursting with romping, feel-good anthems full of percussion and thought-provoking poetics. Throughout their body of work, their music has always felt multi-cultural, combining a variety of musical styles with Native American and Hawaiian wisdom. In his first solo album, [...]

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Mystic Recollections by Mental Physix

The Orange County duo Mental Physix is comprised of DJs Crisanto Santa Ana and Dru Ali. Mental Physix have spent the past four years committed to being part of the community. Their work includes raising the bar for the experience of music within yoga classes. They’ve collaborated with an impressive list of teachers and studios and [...]

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Open Doors: Luminous Soul Tribe

  You’ll find Luminous Soul Tribe — Orange County’s newest boutique yoga studio — hidden behind an unassuming storefront in a small repurposed space in Costa Mesa. Owner Aris Seaberg was drawn to the area for its eclectic vibe and the abundance of local small businesses and artists.   About Luminous Soul Tribe Aris began [...]

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Open Doors: Yoga 108

  Within the heart of downtown Long Beach, Yoga 108 offers a hideaway where strong Vinyasa (flow) yoga and Bhakti (devotion) yoga collide. Co-owners Molly Madhuri Davidson and Theresa Devi are both Bhakti yoga teachers. Theresa says they wanted to "be able to talk about Bhakti and kick people's butts at the same time."   [...]

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Olive Yoga in Long Beach

When deciding on a name for her studio, Elizabeth Olive Bolla chose Olive not merely because it's her middle name but also because when spoken out loud, Olive Yoga sounds like "all of yoga." The name suggests that when you come to take a class, you'll be doing more than practicing postures; you'll be learning [...]

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Ra Yoga in Newport Beach

  Ra Yoga’s flagship studio in Costa Mesa has been around and thriving for just over five years. Those who are fortunate enough to call it their “home studio” will eagerly offer commentary about their favorite classes and teachers, how beautiful the space is, or how Ra Yoga has transformed their practice. What inevitably follows [...]

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Rise Yoga HB

Rise Yoga finds a larger, more permanent home in Huntington Beach. After changing locations several times since its initial opening in 2012, Rise Yoga HB is happy to open its doors to yogis and spiritual seekers in a larger, more permanent space. When owner Christelle Reigner opened the original studio, she felt compelled to share [...]

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