Light on Lotus Studio in Culver City

Kate Duyn Cariati Light on Lotus photo by Luke Fontana


There’s a bright little light arising from the diverse Mar Vista Neighborhood on Grandview Boulevard, just off Venice.

Light On Lotus is a colorful urban chic new yoga space founded by Kate Duyn Cariati. The dedicated and popular teacher with nearly two decades of experience has taught classes, helped open studios, and has taught and led teacher trainings everywhere from New York to San Francisco to Los Angeles.

“At this point in my life as a teacher and a mother, I couldn’t continue to teach at seven different locations anymore. I like to be involved in my local community in a meaningful way and I’ve wanted to create a home for Lotus Flow since moving to LA in 2009,” notes Cariati. It took time and nurturing for Cariati to manifest that vision.

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Lotus Flow comes from the famous Laughing Lotus studio in NYC where Duyn Cariati trained in the early 2000s. Her dance background led her to yoga and the playful, creative, and intelligent sequencing of Lotus Flow drew her in instantly—which makes sense as she is also playful, creative, and intelligent.

Although Light on Lotus is an affiliate of the Laughing Lotus Studios, it stands on its own with a community of teachers Kate has mentored. The staff, space, and all of its accouterments from the little garden and boutique to the amazing art was carefully selected with Cariati’s precision, detail, and spirited energy. The sunny and airy studio with skylights, a gold graffiti wall by DJ Neff, deities, also has a retail storefront hosting local artists, designers, jewelry, home decor, and of course, yoga apparel and supplies.

Kate says, “I’m excited to host the Lotus family and have hired teachers based on their character and integrity. Our teachers are trained in the Lotus Flow style and sequencing based on the chakra system. It’s the unifying through-line that gives us a sense of cohesion.”

Light on Lotus’ mission is to “provide an uplifting and soulful space that nurtures all walks of life and offers workshops and trainings in other healing modalities in addition to yoga.”

For more information on Light on Lotus visit
3807 Grand View Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066. 310-295-1125