About Laurie Searle

Laurie Searle is an international yoga teacher leading workshops and trainings with Yoga and Fitness to Go and the Sphota Yoga school. She’s the creator of Lady Yoga, Superhero and F.E.D. Fight Eating Disorders, a 501(c)(3) in Los Angeles: YogaAndFitnessToGo.com. Meet Lady Yoga and her Super Hero Wellness Team. Follow them on exciting adventures as they promote healthy living and well being. Learn fun easy ways to relax, stay fit and enjoy life. Watch out for their arch enemy Cookie Couch Man. The big meenie who tries to turn everyone into couch potatoes with his powers of persuasion.

Vipassana: Deconstructing 10 Days of Silent Meditation

Addressing the Mental Chatter During Silent Meditation “Ok, just breathe.” “Wow, it’s quiet in here.” “Seriously!!?? That’s it….” And, scene. This is my brain on silent meditation. Whether I’m sitting in a hall with a hundred people or alone with a hundred thoughts, meditation is a discipline. It’s difficult, challenging and rewarding. And, I’m just [...]

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Stay at Home Spring Yoga Challenge: Free on YogaToday

  Why has YogaToday’s Stay at Home Free Spring Yoga Challenge been the antidote for my stay-at-home torpor and quarantine quandaries? The Spring Challenge is a curated selection of 10 online classes offered free of charge on the online platform YogaToday.com. One of the things that I’ve appreciated about the opportunity to engage with these [...]

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Light on Lotus in Mar Vista

Kate Duyn Cariati Light on Lotus photo by Luke Fontana   There’s a bright little light arising from the diverse Mar Vista Neighborhood on Grandview Boulevard, just off Venice. Light On Lotus is a colorful urban chic new yoga space founded by Kate Duyn Cariati. The dedicated and popular teacher with nearly two [...]

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Yoga’s Healing Power Book Review

Author and Teacher Ally Hamilton Surrenders into a Forward Fold Yoga Pose. Photo by Josh Nelson. You know the magic that occurs when you find the right book at the right time? Yoga’s Healing Power by Ally Hamilton is one of those books. It that offers such accessible wisdom that any time you [...]

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A Musical Journey with Whitney Allen

Using the connection with music to enhance yoga practice sequence   I remember the first time I stepped into Whitney Allen’s class in Los Angeles 14 years ago. I was a relatively new yoga teacher from NY, an actor and a journalist; little did I know that Whitney was also a new teacher, as well as an [...]

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Maitri Yoga Store

Maitri Yoga store provides accessories to enhance the yogi who wishes to deepen their practice. In February, 2015, Maitri Yoga Store opened their doors to create space both for people to enhance their yoga lifestyle and to come together in community. Owner Ellina Kim had the vision for Maitri (pronounced “my tree”; it means loving-kindness in [...]

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