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Meditate and Chill

Sometimes we all just need to #CTFO (Chill The F*&@ Out) at any time of the day. Fortunately, the options for where we can do just that in LA are increasing. The DEN Meditation has added a Studio City location (they began with a La Brea flagship) to provide a fitting home for the meditation newcomer, the long-time mindfulness devotee, and everyone in between. It’s an opportunity to meditate in the Vally.

People who have sipped tea, read books, or attended classes or workshops at The DEN on La Brea will feel a sense of familiarity with the brick and wood elements, accents of live plants, wool rugs, and colorful matching cushions made by the fair-trade artisans at Chattra.

The DEN Meditation Chattra Cushions Meditate in the Valley


The DEN features a large class space and a cozy smaller room for private meditation or mini workshops (complete with hammock).

The DEN Meditation Small Room Chattra Cushions Valley Meditate

Even with the similarities, this DEN maintains a unique and carefully curated feel. The 2,000 square foot studio is right on the busy Ventura Boulevard, yet it provides a serene safe haven in which to chill out.

Why The DEN Opened in the Valley

Owner Tal Rabinowitz chose Studio City based on meditators’ requests. Many people live or work in the area and were zipping across town to La Brea in order to sit still. Tal said, “I have so many friends who live in the Valley. It was just really familiar and comfortable here, so it was kind of a no-brainer. When I was first envisioning The DEN, I was thinking, ‘Where can I go before work, where can I go after work, where can I go during work?’ People practice even when they have an insane schedule. So, for me, this would have been perfect.”

Tal Rabinowitz The DEN Meditate in the Valley

The DEN owner Tal Rabinowitz

Now, a full variety of classes is available at The DEN in Studio City with enticing names like Intention, Joy, Lunchtime Detox, Happiness, Mantra, Focus, Self-Compassion, Reiki, Energy, Qigong, Psychic, Restorative, Kundalini, Sound, Chakra, and of course, #CTFO. Workshops are also held regularly. Classes from a variety of traditions and lineages are available for students of all levels and interest in meditation.

Community for Meditators

There is a community in the space. Many of the teachers started out as students and have developed their own practice at The DEN. A number have even attended the studio’s teacher training programs. Being part of teachers’ growth and development is meaningful for Tal. She says, “To watch them unfold and become these brilliant, strong voices in this community – it’s been beautiful!”

Come early and find your own meditative voice. Once the class starts, latecomers are not seated. Be prepared to check in your cell phone. You’ll be glad you did.
The DEN Meditation
12323 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City 91604