“If I were to describe how yoga makes me feel,” mused Yoga Bliss Studio owner Lara Estrada, “the most perfect word I can think of is bliss.”

And blissful she is. The young California native has an impressive resume: a business degree from UC Berkeley, yoga teaching certification from YogaWorks, and professional experience with the yoga product company Manduka. However, Lara’s most significant inspiration for her life and practice is undoubtedly her travels. She says that after trekking through Asia, Australia, the Philippines and Bali, the wider perspective she experienced as well as the exposure to an Eastern perspective on life and practice—compelled her to create her own community through yoga.

Her studio is Yoga Bliss, located in Westchester near LAX. There is parking behind the studio as well as at the curbside right in front. It’s a cozy space tucked away from the street, with deep wood floors and cheerful teal walls. Heated vinyasa flow classes predominate the schedule with some heated candlelight flow and non-heated gentle restorative options. The studio is slightly heated at 85 degrees or just enough to feel like “a warm hug” Lara jokes. According to Lara, the tropical temperature helps to encourage relaxation, detoxification, and flexibility. A sound bath with live instrumentals and crystal bowls will occur monthly, along with special workshops. All classes will be discounted at $10 until the end of December. All levels are welcomed since the teachers offer modifications. Sign up online at yogabliss-studio.com.

Yoga Bliss Studio

6218 W Manchester Ave, Los Angeles



By Kiara Justine Kinghorn, a yoga and dance teacher who finds bliss by moving and writing. kiarajustinekinghorn.com

Kiara Kinghorn is a cardio-dance enthusiast, writer and editor for LA Yoga Magazine, and manager at The BOD by Kym.