About Kiara Kinghorn

Kiara Kinghorn is a cardio-dance enthusiast, writer and editor for LA Yoga Magazine, and manager at The BOD by Kym.

Zooga Yoga for Kids Features Practices and Playtime

  Many teachers have found charm in the animal associations of various asana. Antonia King, owner and founder of Zooga, Yoga for Kids, in Culver City, ran with that vision. In her tangerine-colored space bursting with plush toys, she has created a playful living zoo-like environment where children can learn animal poses. Everything about Zooga [...]

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Open Doors: The BOD by Kym Herjavec

Let your light shine! Kym Herjevec is an Aussie native turned professional dancer and three-time Dancing with the Stars champion who envisioned building a studio to bring dance fitness to the people. When Kym heard that motivational fitness legend Richard Simmons was closing the doors of his famous Beverly Hills studio Slimmons (after 40 years [...]

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AZIAM Yoga Brentwood

Alanna Zabel, owner of AZIAM Yoga, which sits serenely over San Vicente and 26th Street, moved into the space because she felt the stars align. While following a series of undeniable signs from the Universe, her path led directly back the sun-filled Brentwood space where she taught 20 years ago when it was Maha Yoga. [...]

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Yoga Bliss Westchester

“If I were to describe how yoga makes me feel,” mused Yoga Bliss Studio owner Lara Estrada, “the most perfect word I can think of is bliss.” And blissful she is. The young California native has an impressive resume: a business degree from UC Berkeley, yoga teaching certification from YogaWorks, and professional experience with the [...]

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The Sound Temple Album

Gabriel Braun's The Sound Temple Album encourages listeners to use their entire bodies to interpret his latest album.   Gabriel Braun, a musician and sound healer, has been honing his craft to create his first solo project, The Sound Temple Album. This rich restorative experience combines crystal bowls, flutes, harmonium, and voice. While the idea of [...]

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Aerial Physique moved to Los Angeles

Soaring Above the Ordinary If there is one thing Angelenos are always in hot pursuit of, it’s a creative workout. For those who may have tired from endless crunches and arm curls, aerial performer and celebrity trainer Jill Franklin offers an exciting alternative fitness center. Her studio is Aerial Physique. Originally located in Santa Monica, [...]

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Heating up the Spiritual Practice – Golden Bridge Hot Yoga

Golden Bridge Hot Yoga (Photo by Annie Horn) 1357 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles Golden Bridge Yoga opened their newest venture, Golden Bridge Hot Yoga (GB Hot Yoga), located upstairs from their flagship location in Hollywood. Offering students a powerful mixture of spirituality and sweat, Olivia Kvitne, the studio's Yoga Coordinator adds, “We want to emphasize [...]

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Incantations by Sheela Bringi – CD Review

The first time I was introduced to the mystical sounds of Sheela Bringi was at her informal performance during the savasana portion of Sacred Dance Live in Santa Monica. With rave-like lasers still swirling from the exhausting dance party, and sweaty, panting bodies laying side by side on the wooden floor, it was easy to [...]

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Nancy Norby: Strength at the Core

For Nancy Norby, a barre teacher for almost three decades, core strength goes far beyond the physical. A solid center -- whether in class, at the barre, or in life -- is paramount for success in all things. This may be why Nancy’s creation, Yoga Barre, works on so many levels. On the surface, it’s [...]

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Explore Your Potential at Red Diamond Yoga

June ushered in the opening of Red Diamond Yoga in the Palms neighborhood of Los Angeles, a studio that values personal exploration, letting go of judgment, and, more especially, a love of one’s self.  Nestled in the highly diverse Palms neighborhood of Los Angeles, Red Diamond offers two spacious, light-filled studio rooms where classes are [...]

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