December 17, 2015

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December 2015 | ISSUE 292

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December 2015
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From the Editor

The Holiday (or Holy Days) season can be times of great joy and reflection. We may take time for ourselves in solitude and darkness or we may take time with family and friends in celebration and community. Our travels may be as close as our living room or as far away as the other side of the world.

In whatever way we travel, we can access the teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda to help us maintain a sense of balance and ease as well as our own personal health and wellness throughout the season. This newsletter includes a variety of suggestions from a number of contributors to enjoy the holiday season. My own daily practice includes an emphasis on simple practices that support the ability to take a deep breath, even in the midst of both chaos and calm.

Wherever and however you travel, pack your practice.

Happy Holidays,

Felicia Marie Tomasko

Felicia Marie Tomasko, RN
LA Yoga Magazine, Editor in Chief


Upcoming Events


7:00 P.M. Medicine Cabinet MakeOver with Essential OIls. Learn how to use Essential Oils for everyday health challenges. Sybaris Rejuvenation Lounge. 1301 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica.

7:00 P.M. – 9:30 P.M. Winter Solstice. Celebrate the magic of Winter Solstice with a Naam Meditation celebration of Love, Peace and Light led by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, founder of Naam Yoga Thursday. Light refreshments to follow, please bring your mat and a cushion. Naam Yoga.1231 4th St., Santa Monica.


5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Don Jose Ruiz Agreement of Love and Book Signing. Come and learn the tools you need to change what you need to change to let go of the bad habits that no longer serve you. Toltec means artist and we are all artists of life. We all have something in our lives that takes away our creativity and inspiration. Come make an agreement of love to let go of whatever is taking your inspiration away and transform your life into a masterpiece of art. $35 pre-reg and $45 day of. Golden Bridge Yoga. 719 Broadway St., Santa Monica.


108 Sun Salutations Celebrating the Solstice. Join instructor Sandy DeJohn as she leads you through 108 Sun Salutations as practiced by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. It is a dynamic flow of specific poses synchronized with breathing techniques used to generate internal heat which helps to eliminate toxins. Note: This workshop is not for beginners. Donation-based. Lotus 7 Yoga & Pilates. 2521 Avenica Empressa., Rancho Santa Margarita.

2:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M. http://www.reyogatherapy.comrePLENISH Dull Winter Skin. In this workshop we will explore some Ayurveda and Yoga techniques to feed your skin from the inside and out. We will practice Abhyanga; self oil massage, create a home made facemask and learn about teas/foods that will replenish the moisture and tone of your face and skin. Join us for fun hands on activities to replenish your skin! Class space is limited, reserve your spot by RSVP’ing to[email protected]! re:YOGA Therapy. 10001 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles.

11:00 A.M. YOGASMOGA Holiday Party. Join Editor in Chief Felicia Tomasko at 6:30 PM to Renew, Restore & Relax. Felicia’s complimentary Hatha class will help you release tension and settle into a restorative space for full-body balance during the busy holiday season. Yogasmoga. 9458 Dayton Way., Beverly Hills.

We’re honored to be the sponsor of Yoga Chat with the Accidental Yogist on every Tuesday from 5-7pm Pacific.

More Holiday Gift Ideas
Interviews with Cooper Madison and Madhu, musicians at The Gandharvas and author Kamla Kapur.
Featured Music: “Om Gam Ganeshaya,” by The Gandharvas; “Satigur Prasad,” by Peter Kater and Snatam Kaur, and “Ganapataye,” by Luna Ray

Listen Here:

Yoga Chat features world music plus interviews with an eclectic group of guests: teachers, musicians, authors, filmmakers, chefs, health professionals, and many more.

Archived podcasts are available on iTunes and at


Get in the holiday spirit at YOGASMOGA Beverly Hills on Monday, December 21st. The party starts at 11AM with raffles and sweet treats throughout the day! Join Editor in Chief Felicia Tomasko at 6:30 PM to Renew, Restore & Relax. Felicia’s complimentary Hatha class will help you release tension and settle into a restorative space for full-body balance during the busy holiday season.
9458 Dayton Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Please RSVP to [email protected]

Mala Collective

Give the gift of intention with Mala Collective’s I Am Enough collection of necklaces for mindful living! These pieces focus on confidence, love, adventure, strength, and inner peace. Each comes with a guided audio-meditation to inspire beginning, re-starting, or deepening meditation practice. And each is designed, handmade and blessed in Bali. The I Am Enough malas help support a strong meditation practice and help wearers manifest their dreams.

Become a Yoga Teacher: 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training OR Deepen Your Yoga: 50 Hour Immersion
with Christy Marsden, Nicole Honnig Eber & Bekah Turner

Starts January 2016

True to the philosophy of Yoga Blend, the teacher training is in a non-dogmatic style of yoga utilizing the basic fundamental teachings of yogic philosophy. This training will prepare you to teach beginners right away and it will also take you on a personal journey to deepen your own practice of yoga.

These programs include:
~Deities of Yoga
~How to Teach Asanas
~Practice Teaching
~Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology
~Energetic Anatomy
~Class Sequencing & Theming
~Business of Yoga
~Creating a Home Practice
~Sacred Texts & Yoga Philosophy
~Special Programs such as Pre/Post Natal, Restorative, Kids Yoga, Chair

Visit for more information!
NAAM Yoga Solstice Celebration

WINTER SOLSTICE with Dr. Levry – December 17

Celebrate the magic of Winter Solstice with a Naam Meditation celebration of Love, Peace and Light led by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, founder of Naam Yoga Thursday, December 17th, 7-9:30pm, light refreshments to follow, please bring your mat and a cushion.

For more information, click here.

RENEW U. at Wanderlust Hollywood Jan. 1-3

Join this 3-day intensive to ignite your practice, enrich your soul, and inspire your creativity. This immersion gathers experts and leaders in yoga, meditation, food, nutrition and the arts to help you welcome the new year renewed.


Gurmukh | Schuyler Grant | Sianna Sherman | Keith Mitchell
Cristi Christensen | Tommy + Kia | Hemalayaa + More

For more information, click here.

Manage your Stress on a Tight Travel Schedule

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Avoid Stress: The best way to keep your adrenals healthy is by avoiding high-stress situations. When traveling, a lot can be out of your control, especially when it comes to your schedule. Either give yourself plenty of time to get somewhere, or allow your timetable to be loose. You can’t let yourself get frazzled by the unexpected. Read more of Gigi Yogini’s suggestions for traveling with ease here: your Practice on the Road

Real yoga to me is uniting our body, mind, breath, and senses with our natural environment — from the fertile soil to the stars of infinite space — and understanding and reflecting on the great elements of ether, air, fire, water, and earth that make up our bodies and our living earth. I like to stand in mountain pose beneath great peaks such as Mount Shasta or Mount Rainier, taking in long full three-part breaths while emulating their strength and connection between earth and heaven. They beckon me to reach my own soul upward like them towards divinity and recognition of my sacred self. Read more of Guy Gabriel’s suggestions here:

Ayurveda on the Road

Pack yourself a travel remedy kit with dried ginger, nutmeg, am2alaki, coriander, cumin, and fennel seeds, a small bottle of aloe juice and gel, a small box of raisins, prunes, or figs, some herbal tea, as well as a small bottle of massage oil and nasal drops. Remember your water bottle. Your kit need not be elaborate; make it convenient for yourself. Also practice mindful actions that will help you feel grounded and comfortable. Incorporate yoga, meditation, and regular breathing exercises daily. Read more of Dr Ram Tamang’s suggestions here: for Tea

Instead of soda or alcohol, give yourself a treat by packing your favorite travel mug with some nerve-soothing herbal tea bags such as chamomile, mint, clove, lemongrass, tulsi, rooibos, lavender or orange peel. Ask the flight attendant to fill the mug with hot water, and then put your seat back and enjoy your warm, steamy vacation in a cup, even if you are on a business trip. Read more of Michael Curran’s tips for Ayurvedic travel here:
Recipe: Skinny Eggnog

Yield: 2 servings


2½ cups Chomp Almond Mylk
4 ounces bourbon
2 eggs
1 egg white
? cup sugar
1 teaspoon cornstarch
1 teaspoon vanilla
Cinnamon, to taste
Nutmeg, to taste


– Heat a small saucepan over medium-low heat. Add Chomp’s Almond Mylk and vanilla and heat until it almost simmers; do not bring to a boil.
– In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the eggs, egg white, sugar and cornstarch until frothy.
– Temper the eggs into the heated Almond Mylk and add the bourbon. To do this, add about ¼ cup of the Almond Mylk and bourbon to the egg mixture, whisking quickly. Add another ¼ cup and whisk again. Tempering allows all liquids to come to the same temperature before combining them, so the eggs do not curdle.
– Add the cooled down egg mixture to the Almond Mylk, and whisk them to combine. Stir frequently until it begins to thicken, about 6-8 minutes
– Sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg to taste.
– Serve warm or chilled

Vedic Astrology with Sam Geppi

December 25

This Full Moon in Gemini harmonizes the mind and intellect with our beliefs, so that we are able to understand what we believe to be true. If we cannot explain what we believe, then it is just dogma, dogma which fails to help us in time of need and denys us tolerance for those with different beliefs. You may find yourself unsure of your path and looking for alternative answers, so be watchful of ready-made tidbits of New Age pablum masquerading as wisdom. True insight comes only after serious study and inquiry.

Read the rest of Sam Geppi’s forecast here:
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Karen Henry
Karen Henry is an Associate Editor at LA YOGA who volunteers in a variety of capacities for nonprofit organizations and artists around Los Angeles. She practices yoga as a counterbalance to her daily impact sports and is a mother of four grown children who also practice yoga (well, the two in California at least).