july2014_media_5By: Peter Sterios and Elevate Films

Gravity & Grace 2—Yoga for Longevity is the wonderful follow-up to Yoga instructor and Manduka founder Peter Sterios’ critically acclaimed first Gravity & Grace DVD. Directed by Elevate’s Mikki Willis, it features unique customizable sequences set amongst the peaceful backdrop of the Esalen Retreat Center on the famous Big Sur, California, coastline.

This begins with Peter Sterios voicing his thoughts on the importance of a personal practice, self-observation, letting go, presence, family, and stillness. Then in the Opening section, set in the early light at ocean’s edge, Sterios leads a grounded sequence designed to stimulate digestion and prepare the body’s joints for a safe practice.

The Flexibility section features Sterios and three practitioners (one of whom is 70!) amidst another serene Esalen landscape in a creative sequence to warm up all areas the body. This flows into the Strength, a breath-based, fluid practice incorporating weight-bearing, standing, and balancing poses. The Closing sequence features Sterios, again alone at ocean’s edge, at dusk, moving through cooling poses, primarily seated and on the back. His choice of practicing alone here, like in the Opening, subtly reinforces his introductory reference to the importance of a personal practice.

Peter’s creative and effective asana sequences simultaneously open multiple areas of the body. Gravity & Grace 2 is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Practicing this offers the user an expert perspective on yoga for longevity. It is one I highly recommended for anyone looking for more variety in their personal practice.