Audrey Walzer DVDEasy Yoga Stretches with Audrey Walzer is the perfect DVD for those who desperately need the physical benefits of Yoga, but may feel overwhelmed by the philosophy or athleticism of many Yoga practices.

The 240-minute DVD is broken up into three types of practice sequences: those for home, office, and travel. Each section is divided into both a step-by-step instruction of the sequence and a guided practice set to music for a fluid experience.

Waltzer’s offers a practical and therapeutic approach. The postures selected encourage lengthening and stretching to relieve muscle tension and pain that may result from poor posture, or everyday work and activity. Her cues gracefully highlight the anatomical effects of each pose and the practical benefits that will last off of the mat and into the routine of daily life.

Included in the DVD is a bonus selection called “Learn Yoga Breathing” in which techniques such as ujaii and diaphragmatic breathing are taught in a simple and easy to understand manner. Walzer clearly explains how to connect breath with movement, and how proper breath benefits the entire body, especially in maintaining health in the lower back.

Walzer’s offering can be summed up in her own words when she tells the viewer that “Slow intentional breathing is probably the most important thing I can share.”

Easy Yoga Stretches guides real-life students in a way that helps them to understand and experience the powerful impact Yoga can have on everyday life.

Reviewed by Beth Dian Prandini, an LA-based Yoga teacher