Element Presents: Daily Yoga With Mia Togo – A daily practice for morning and night

(Dragonfly Productions, Inc.)  A dedicated daily yoga practice has profound energetic effects on both the physical and subtle or energetic bodies. In the DVD, Element Presents: Daily Yoga, taught by beloved LA-based YogaWorks teacher Mia Togo, two 40-minute practices are expertly sequenced to reflect on the results of opening and closing the day with yoga practice.

The morning postures here awaken the body with a cohesive flow of sun salutations, standing poses, core work, and balancing asanas. Utilizing poses that build strength, increase circulation, and challenge balance, Togo connects to the energy of the breath encouraging practitioners to tap into their personal power for the day ahead. The morning practice ends with some stretching and then a grounding savasana to promote clarity and focus.

The evening offering is designed to relieve the tension and stress that can accumulate throughout the day. To help prepare the student for a restful night’s sleep, the sequence includes shoulder openers to relieve neck and upper back tension, twisting postures to revitalize the spine, and deep stretching to set the tone for deep relaxation.

Set in a beautiful coastline garden, the beauty and grace of Togo’s movements and instruction create a fluid and accessible presentation of the postures and their desired effects. The progression of the poses is laid out with discerning consideration, resulting in a restoration of life force for modern daily living. This DVD is suitable for beginners as well as long-time practitioners seeking a guided routine.

Reviewed by Beth Prandini, a YogaWorks certified teacher and lover of all things media. bethprandiniyoga.com