Yoga teacher and energy medicine practitioner Lauren Walker delivers a powerful set of practices in her second book, The Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription.

Combining Energy Medicine and Yoga

While we could agree that the practice of yoga in and of itself has energetic effects, according to Walker, when we combine the precepts of Energy Medicine (EM) with the practices of yoga in repeated sessions “we get a healing paradigm that offers results that seem magical.”
Walker says that, “With the repetition of the combined practices of EM and yoga, we help the energy to repattern and remain in these new, beneficial flows.”
The cultivation of beneficial flows is important, Walker says, “If we want to reach the goal of ultimate union with ourselves, and with the divine, we need to master more than just the physical body.”

“If we want to reach the goal of ultimate union with ourselves, and with the divine, we need to master more than just the physical body.” – Lauren Walker


About the Book

In the book, Walker outlines aspects of working with energy, including understanding the chakras and meridians, and the effects of energy on healing. She reviews practices such as getting grounded and using tapping, and offers suggestions on how to feel energy.
Walker goes into detail explaining the underlying patterns of the Five Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal) in Chinese Medicine and how they are the framework for working with Energy Medicine.
The strength of The Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription is found in the prescriptions. These are sequences that combine familiar yoga asana with holding selected pressure points, work with meridians, focused attention, self-massage, and clearing techniques. Walker also reviews supportive practices including Ayurvedic food recommendations and self-massage.
This essential guidebook is a friendly set of recommendations for cultivating mastery of the body’s energetic system for greater health and well-being.
If you want to learn the patterns of energy movement in the body and how to fine-tune your practice for the promised magical results, pick up a copy of The Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription. And practice.

Felicia M. Tomasko
Felicia Tomasko has spent more of her life practicing Yoga and Ayurveda than not. She first became introduced to the teachings through the writings of the Transcendentalists, through meditation, and using asana to cross-train for her practice of cross-country running. Between beginning her commitment to Yoga and Ayurveda and today, she earned degrees in environmental biology and anthropology and nursing, and certifications in the practice and teaching of yoga, yoga therapy, and Ayurveda while working in fields including cognitive neuroscience and plant biochemistry. Her commitment to writing is at least as long as her commitment to yoga. Working on everything related to the written word from newspapers to magazines to websites to books, Felicia has been writing and editing professionally since college. In order to feel like a teenager again, Felicia has pulled out her running shoes for regular interval sessions throughout Southern California. Since the very first issue of LA YOGA, Felicia has been part of the team and the growth and development of the Bliss Network.