Alberto Villoldo The Heart of the Shaman

In The Heart of the Shaman, Alberto Villoldo makes a promise to the reader. He says, “The practices…will help you to forge a sacred dream for yourself. They will help you craft a destiny infused with courage, and driven by vision. The practices of the luminous warrior are essential in a time when dreaming happens only when we sleep, where cowardice is honorable, where hindsight seems wise, and spirituality is spineless. They will help you bring light and peace to your world, and to find your part in the greater sacred dream of humanity.”

How can we Live a Purposeful Life?

He makes good on this promise with a well-written, evocative, and user-friendly book. Dr Villoldo translates the most powerful teachings of the shamanic tradition into transformational practices that have meaning in our modern lives. How can we live our most purposeful lives? How can we wake up? The Heart of the Shaman is a guide that should sit on your bedside table. In addition, it should be taken with you everywhere. And taken to heart.

Alberto Villoldo

The Heart of the Shaman

The book’s nine chapters lead the reader on a journey through various aspects of transforming our individual dream–as well as our collective dreams. Throughout, Dr Villoldo’s compelling storytelling combines with his practical advice. The pages offer a series of practices. And these practices allow us to wake up from the stupor of our bad and destructive dreams. When we do so, we can become luminous warriors, embodying love that is unconditional and discovering who we truly are in this life.

In The Heart of the Shaman, Dr Villoldo tells you how to rewrite your contracts with yourself, to learn what you can really do with love, and to embrace impermanence. He talks about how “Love is the practice of paying it forward.” And he offers a path to freedom within this life.

Read it now. And then when you get to the end, go back to the beginning and read it again.

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