Parker Pig Goes to Beach Yoga Surfer Poses

Many of us enjoy practicing yoga on the oceanside, on the sand. Yoga teacher and Parker Pig Goes to Yoga author Stacy Alysson has brought her popular kids series to the beach with Parker Pig Goes to Beach Yoga.

In this delightful story, Parker Pig and friends take their practice seaside. Parker the Pig’s teacher, Ginny the Giraffe, says, “We can do yoga anywhere.”

Parker Pig Goes to Yoga Book Page

Parker Pig Practices Poses inspired by the Ocean

Doing yoga anywhere also means practicing poses inspired by the ocean. With poses like crab, dolphin, shark, surfer, starfish, clam, mermaid, mountain, banana moon, star, and more. Of course, to complete the session, they rest in savasana and reflect in easy pose.

Each and every page is filled with a playful spirit. Stacey shares her love of yoga throughout. She says, “My biggest inspiration comes from my students. I created Parker Pig out of my desire for new and fresh material for my students presented in a different and interactive way.” It’s all working because Stacey says that everyone who knows her does yoga or has been introduced to the practice. With the growing series of boos, those numbers are growing. It helps that Parker Pig’s adventures are easy to follow and offer fun suggestions for getting on the mat. Illustrator Patrick Girouard captures the bright energy of the yoga experience.

Parker Pig Goes to Beach Yoga Book Cover

Stacey Alysson and Yoga at Home

For Stacey, yoga begins at home. She says, “My seven-year-old son, Sam, is my heart, soul and muse for all I do and write. He does yoga with me some nights to help calm down his body, and also he likes to stretch after all his sports and running around during the day.”

Author Stacey Allyson

If you’re looking for a way to introduce kids to yoga, would like a fun book where they could follow along, or just need something to brighten your own day, check out Parker Pig Goes to Beach Yoga.

Parker Pig Goes to Yoga

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Share Parker Pig’s Adventures

Stacey is looking forward to sharing more of Parker Pig’s adventures with children and their families. She says to look out for your name in my book because she uses new names for each Pose. Follow Parker Pig on her Yoga adventures on the website ParkerPig.GoestoYoga and on Instagram and @StaceyAlysson on Twitter. Share your Parker Pig experiences and even ideas or suggestions for one of her next Yoga adventures.




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