How Soon is Now Book Cover


Counter-cultural icon, Daniel Pinchbeck, known for his controversial views on the shamanic and medicinal use of psychedelics, brings us what appears to be a personal messianic manifesto, his new book How Soon is Now. With a preface by living musical and philanthropic legend, Sting, and an introduction by actor and Transcendental Meditation poster boy, Russell Brand, Pinchbeck’s latest book is poised to be a guaranteed commercial success.

Pinchbeck calls for a “planetary initiation,” in which all people of the world (or at least a critical mass), must come to a collective understanding of the immense proportions of the challenges we face. In a surprisingly thorough outline, we journey through what Pinchbeck believes to be the primary concerns of our time – including climate change, sex, religion, farming, money, and energy.

A survival guide to the millennial generation (and really – all of humanity), How Soon Is Now is written by a man humbled by his own taste of fame, world travels, and exposure to some of the brightest minds of our time. Pinchbeck draws upon the teachings of these elders (living and dead), in each of the many areas he covers. Always giving credit where credit is due, readers are introduced to fascinating characters and underserved content, doing a powerful service in promoting other influential works.

More than just a drawn out explanation of “everything wrong in the world,” and more than a polarized spiritual or political response, Pinchbeck feels like “one of us.” He’s calling for a maturation that wisely integrates the darkness of our psyches, the desires of our hearts, guided purposefully by the forces of light every step of the way. How Soon Is Now is made up of scientific intelligence, spiritual understanding, ancient wisdom and objective finesse, brought together with revolutionary fervor and a refreshingly humble tone – most of the time.

Easy to read, well-organized, legitimately entertaining, and contextually profound – How Soon Is Now is easily the most important book of the year.

Join Ben Decker and Daniel Pinchbeck for a conversation related to How Soon is Now? at the Den Meditation on March 19 5:30-7:30pm.