Stetch in TimeWith age comes great wisdom and experience, but as we know, the stability of spirit can, at times, be accompanied by immobility in the body and a false belief that movement and exercise should be left to the young. Stretch in Time, a new Yoga DVD created by Elyse Briggs, addresses a population that may have neglected or mistreated their bodies with age, and who now seek stress reduction and movement in order to “stretch in time.”

The program consists of five easy movements, each supported as needed with chairs, a wall, or a bolster. Every stretch is safe and accessible for any group, including those who are wheelchair-bound.

The DVD is broken into three menu selections. The first 25-minute section contains an introduction and detailed instruction of each pose. Between each pose is a drop in text titled, “Why should you do this and how will it help you,” which highlights the energetic and anatomical benefits of each pose.

The second menu item – “Good to Know”- contains interviews with Dr. Beth S. Marcus MD and Jeffrey M. Ring PhD explaining how these stretches can benefit the central nervous system, improve balance and alleviate depression.

The final selection is the full routine of the five poses for an effective and time-maximizing practice.

Briggs’s spirit and ease as a teacher radiate. Her voice sings out mottos such as “It’s never too late, you’re never too old” as she guides her students step-by step through taking care of their muscles and joints. This inspirational program is a wonderful reintroduction to caring for our bodies, reminding us that, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.”

Reviewed by Beth Prandini