Mark Whitwell outlines a transformative practice in his latest book, The Promise.

Mark Whitwell is a name widely recognized in the yoga community. An accomplished yogi and sage who has been on the forefront of the contemporary yoga scene for over 20 years, his new, slim publication distills his trademark message into an easy to assimilate and follow format.

Mark is the author of several other books including the seminal Yoga of Heart, The Healing Power of Intimate Connection. He describes the purpose of The Promise as “a soft message for a hard time” for humanity that is increasingly losing its ability to connect on a truly intimate level.

Mark’s ‘promise’ is this: by doing yoga as described in this book, you will be able to realize your true potential as a human being in relation to yourself as well as to others. Mark’s yoga is a very specific combination — every movement must begin with a synchronistic inhale or exhale. He explains clearly how in only seven minutes a day, ‘our direct participation with the nurturing power of this cosmos’ can serve as a powerful catalyst for transformation.

The Promise is actually a simple premise, explained thoroughly, with engaging photos and other supporting visuals. And – it WORKS. I know, from my own experience – I promise you, also!

(Full disclosure: About 10 years ago, as a novice teacher, I followed Mark for several months as his apprentice, wanting to fully absorb his methods and his wisdom.)

Published by Urban Family Publishers