Ally Hamilton in a Forward Fold Yoga Pose photo by Josh Nelso

Author and Teacher Ally Hamilton Surrenders into a Forward Fold Yoga Pose. Photo by Josh Nelson.

You know the magic that occurs when you find the right book at the right time? Yoga’s Healing Power by Ally Hamilton is one of those books. It that offers such accessible wisdom that any time you pick it up feels like the right time.

When I took my first class with Ally Hamilton, I was a new teacher. I was struck by the immediate accessibility of her voice and her connection with each and every one of her students. I also remember feeling impressed by how she shared a perfect balance of personal stories, philosophy, brilliant physical alignment and humor—without missing a beat, breath, or cue.

Two decades later she’s the founder of the popular Santa Monica and online studio Yogis Anonymous and the author of Open Randomly – Fortune Cookies For The Soul.

Her latest–Yoga’s Healing Power–combines the best of all her classes bound into pages. It offers a life-altering yet realistic approach for dealing with the day-to-day while helping you feel okay to fall, fail, and find freedom in getting up, trying again, and moving on. And I don’t just mean on the mat.

She’s a true master and the best friend and mentor-next-door we all want to keep close. Fortunately, this book allows us to do so. These 14 chapters are filled with personal experiences intricately interwoven with deep but un-intimidating philosophy related to the of the eight limbs of yoga, as well as thoughtful contemplations for journal writing, physical postures, and meditation exercises that inspire and challenge.

Hamilton is an expert who steeps herself in the humility and surrender of imperfection, which is what makes this read a gem. It is no easy feat dealing with whatever heavy weight you may carry with you that covers up your brilliant truth or highest purpose – be it the pain of childhood, a break up or loss of a loved one, or managing your relationship to family, career and even with yourself.

One of the simplest definitions of yoga is unity; this book reminds you that you are not alone in your struggles. Open any chapter to find nuggets of truth and some hints for finding peace amidst conflict. Now is the right time.

Yoga's Healing Power by Ally Hamilton Book Cover