Calling All Earthlings Integratron

The Integratron dome in Landers, CA from “Calling All Earthlings,” a feature documentary about the Integratron, 2018

Sharing the History of The Integratron

The Integratron is a legendary place in the high desert, outside of Joshua Tree. In order to visit, you have to make reservations, trek down desolate roads, and find it. But when you arrive, it is an otherworldly experience right here on Earth. Currently used as a setting for sonically perfect sound bath meditative experiences, the building was erected to take people on a different kind of journey. The documentary film Calling All Earthlings is an epic storytelling adventure offering a behind-the-scenes history of this unique destination.

Speaking of otherworldly, Integratron creator George Van Tassel built the structure using what he described as a combination of extraterrestrial guidance with the work of famed inventor Nikola Tesla. Van Tassel considered the Integratron to be an electromagnetic time machine.

Whatever you believe, Calling All Earthlings is a fascinating tale.

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Playing sound bowls in Calling All Earthlings

Steward of the Integratron Nancy Karl plays the Tibetan bowls in a feature documentary about the Integratron, Calling All Earthlings, 2018.