Mantra Sounds into Silence

This is the movie that the kirtan and sacred communities have been waiting to see. The title of this feature-length documentary is both evocative and accurate. It describes the relationship between sacred sound and song and what it actually cultivates in our lives—the all-encompassing state of silence and eternal bliss.

Mantra Filmmaker Georgia Wyss

Filmmaker Georgia Wyss traveled the world to capture the heart, soul, and science of the modern kirtan movement. Kirtan is the call-and-response chanting, often in Sanskrit, that is a practice-based repetition of the names and sounds of divine consciousness. In Mantra, Wyss has captured the ways in which this kirtan has become a worldwide phenomenon. She addresses why, through thoughtful interviews with scientists, students, and singers.

Mantra Sounds into Silence with KD, Jai Uttal and CC White

Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, and C.C. White in Mantra: Sounds into Silence

One of the things that makes this film such a triumph is Wyss’ evident dedication to and love of the practice. It’s evident in her footage of festivals and of sacred music moments. As the viewer, you feel as though you are drawn into this world. It’s is a world of devotion of surrender; not of giving up, but in finding resilience through the repetition of sound.

Finding Meaning and Strength in Mantra

Unsurprisingly, Wyss features a who’s who of the kirtan community, with artists from different lineages and traditions making appearances both engaged in the art as well as talking about the path and its benefits. Along with artists, we hear from people like you and me. People who have found meaning, purpose, solace, and even strength through mantra. It reminds us why we practice and fittingly tells why we long for this connection in our complicated world today.

Crowd from Mantra

People singing in Mantra: Sounds into Silence

Mantra is both an affirmation of why we love to chant and an inviting introduction to the practice for the uninitiated.

Watch it and look for your favorite festival or artist. Bring a screening to your area. Learn more about the film at: