If you like talking animal movies, you’ll appreciate this indie effort about rescue dogs, starring actual rescue dogs.

The film is a very broad comedy but with a movement behind it; to bring awareness to the cause of rescuing pets.

Set in a fairytale fake southern California beach town (too perfect if you actually live here!); the story revolves around a handsome cafe owner (engagingly played by Paul Haapaniemi) and his rescue dog best friend. Over-the-top-bad guys, narration by sarcastic seagulls, and of course, a love interest are all part of the predictable, yet adorable, plot line.

Busted Buggy Entertainment founder and actress Courtney Daniels was approached to star in the film, and given her commitment to animal rescue, she was compelled to come aboard as a producer as well. “We want this to be a great family film, but we also want to be able to make a difference for animal rescues around the country,” says Rescue Dogs screenwriter and actor Jordan Rawlins.

The notion of ‘who rescued who’ about pet adoption is the only thing about this wacky, madcap film that has any restraint to it, but it definitely comes across effectively. The movie leaves you with that warm fuzzy feeling that makes you want to rush home and hug your dog.

Opening April 1 in theaters, the producers of Rescue Dogs intend to partner with animal rescues across the country to host animal adoption events and fundraisers over opening weekend. Learn more at rescuedogsmovie.com.

Directed by MJ Anderson and Haik Katsikian
Busted Buggy Entertainment