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There is Beauty Everywhere: All Creation is a Masterpiece

In moments of challenge and strife, we need reminders of what it is we are fighting for. We need to remember what we are coming together to support and protect. Karen Seva’s thoughtfully spiritual music video “Masterpiece” is auspiciously released on the Full Moon Eclipse on June 5. Her refrain, “All creation is a masterpiece,” reminds us of the beauty in every moment, everywhere. It is a beauty that feeds us and nourishes us.

The visuals of her work take us from the universe to the people on this planet. From the present through the images of past civilizations. From nature to the spirit that nurtures us fully.

We are Divinity Incarnate

Karen says, “This song speaks to the perfection of Creation. We have it written in our bones. We are created in the image of the Divine—Perfect in every way. May we remember that we come from the stars; that we are divinity incarnate. May we see the perfection and divinity in each and every living being. And may we choose to direct our thoughts, words, feelings, actions, and attitudes into kindness, compassions and the benefit of all living beings, as a harmonious whole. May we awaken to our interconnectedness with all life. Every day, may we awaken to the Love of the Universe and to the Love of each other.”

Fitting for a song that celebrates community, Karen worked on different variations of this story in community. Written by sound healer Karen Seva, she acknowledges a number of contributors. She thanks Annemarie Soul-o, Vito Gregoli, Evan Perman, Marla L. Goldstein, and Moose Ali Khan. She worked on a version of this song with Ryan Stockbridge, Tom Camillo, Vir McCoy, Heather Christie, and Grant Chambers.

Celestial bodies


This video showcases “Masterpiece” written by Karen Seva. Vocals by Seva and Charango. Percussion by Khan Wnuck. Sound engineering by Ryan Stockbridge. Production by Vir McCoy and Heather Christie. And mixing and mastering by Grant Chambers.

If you need a reminder of your divine nature. Or a quick pick-me-up, watch “Masterpiece.”