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The Voice of Empowerment: Ayla Nereo

By The Light Of The Dark Moon is the sixth album from singer-songwriter Ayla Nereo. Her epic breakthrough is living proof of the power of perseverance and is a portrait of an artist in a moment on the cusp of global stardom. Not only is this her finest recorded moment to date, it isn’t hard to see that how it may appear on many “album of the year” lists. Already it has earned a firm place atop of mine.

Ayla has been in the trenches for years cultivating a fiercely loyal and devout grassroots fanbase in the transformational and devotional music festival community. She’s additionally famous for her collaborations with electronic music artist The Polish Ambassador. With By The Light Of The Dark Moon, I predict that many more listeners will discover her gift.

By the Light of the Dark Moon by Ayla Nereo

By The Light of the Dark Moon

The concept of the album deals with shadow work and the healing reconciliation that can result from discovering the courage and resilience necessary within us to arrive at a destination of self acceptance. Its release arrives at the perfect moment when her message is perhaps most needed in our current world climate.

The opening track “Beacon” begins with the charge, “Say what you will. The great turning has come.” Ayla continues the message that we are the beacon of light in the darkness. It’s a worthy sentiment. Composed while at a creative crossroads and crisis of faith on her path, Ayla journeyed overseas and discovered the inspiration and insight necessary for her to arrive in alignment to complete the album.

Ayla Nereo

Beginning with “Beacon” and concluding with an acoustic version of “Stars,” the music weaves tapestries and trances of divine feminine empowerment with poetic folklore, both musical and lyrical.  Ayla’s signature unique vocal prowess is front and center, supported by magnetic melodies and songs that quickly enter into the hearts and minds of the listener.

A variety of musical influences throughout in addition to electronic devotional that include world beat, jazz, and folk coupled with a production style that precisely executes overlapping harmonies amidst the powerful primal rhythms.

The album is anchored by melodic and lyrical hooks in the songs “Waterfall,” “Stars,” “Wheel Of Time,” that live and dance in the listener’s mind long after the music has ended. These songs along with the self-care anthem “Take It Slow” will surely be sung at loud volumes by devoted audiences on Ayla’s extensive upcoming world tour.

Giving Consciousness a Voice on Tour

Look for her opening for Trevor Hall and Nahko at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado.  And after By The Light Of The Dark Moon, you can expect Ayla’s future tours to expand further onto the larger stages and concert halls as she inevitably becomes the headlining act. Her ability to embrace the sacred and mystical calls to mind the unique presence of artists such as Peter Gabriel, Sting, and Tori Amos who used their voice to break new ground in popularizing intimacy and higher consciousness in modern music.

Ayla has demonstrated on this album that she is up for delivering on that same promise that music, even in times like these, still has the capacity to lift us higher and help us discover new levels of our own awakening. “I’m lost in your stars,” Ayla sings. We might just find our way back home getting lost in hers.

Catch Ayla Nereo through mid May on her headlining album release North American  tour.




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