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Shiva Baum is a record producer and peak performance coach. With an expertise in sacred mantra chanting, he is the head of music programming for the world renown yoga music festivals Bhakti Fest and Shakti Fest. He lives in Topanga Canyon. Find him on Facebook. 

Ayla Nereo Shines in By The Light of the Dark Moon

The Voice of Empowerment: Ayla Nereo By The Light Of The Dark Moon is the sixth album from singer-songwriter Ayla Nereo. Her epic breakthrough is living proof of the power of perseverance and is a portrait of an artist in a moment on the cusp of global stardom. Not only is this her finest recorded [...]

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Spirit of Christmas with Indian Classical Music

Multi-instrumentalist and Indian Classical maestro Dan Blanchard has created the most unique musical mashup I can ever recall experiencing: An Indian Classical Christmas Album! If you’re curious as you read this description, this album is most absolutely for you. The Spirit of Christmas: A Love Letter to the Holiday Spirit Dan’s new album The Spirit [...]

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Trevor Hall The Fruitful Darkness

Trevor Hall photographed by Emory Hall In The Fruitful Darkness, Trevor Hall has created something extraordinarily rare these days: a concept LP. When listening to this album, other classics of the concept art form and lineage come to mind, such as U2’s The Joshua Tree, The Police’s Synchronicity and even Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Trevor shares with profoundly authentic vulnerability at a new level [...]

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Beloved by Snatam Kaur

In these ever-evolving, complex modern times, the recorded offerings provided by so many of today’s world-class leaders of sacred mantra chant are a welcome relief. The art of sacred chant by musicians and teachers like Snatam Kaur offers solace and connects us to our hearts. Snatam Kaur Beloved The emergence of Snatam Kaur’s new album [...]

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Iceman Wim Hof is Living his Dharma

This maverick yogi is teaching the world to breathe - one ice bath at a time. During what feels like the height of the American popularity of hot yoga, Iceman Wim Hof is an ambassador of the Cold. Before you think this is just the next trend, Wim Hof is a modern master with a compelling [...]

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Roots, Rock, Rama! by Jai Uttal

Photo of Jai Uttal by Jeffrey Newberry Always leading with musical majesty and soul-stirring passionate vocal delivery, Jai Uttal returns with Roots, Rock, Rama! proving once again that he has the ability to go where no one else in the genre can, radically furthering the experience of kirtan in the modern era. Jai Uttal’a new double album puts the ecstatic [...]

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Time in Love is Never Wasted music review

Lose yourself in the sacred chants provided by SRI Kirtan in their latest release, Time in Love is Never Wasted. The powerhouse duo SRI Kirtan, vocalist and harmonium player Sruti Ram and vocalist and acoustic guitar player Ishwari, are leaders in the modern ecstatic chant movement. Previously topping the Billboard World Music Chart, they are [...]

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