Beloved by Snatam Kaur

In these ever-evolving, complex modern times, the recorded offerings provided by so many of today’s world-class leaders of sacred mantra chant are a welcome relief. The art of sacred chant by musicians and teachers like Snatam Kaur offers solace and connects us to our hearts.

Snatam Kaur Beloved

The emergence of Snatam Kaur’s new album Beloved is a must-listen for her long-time fans as well as people discovering her music for the first time. Mantra aficionados the world over will continue to feel the love big time while listening to Beloved by Snatam Kaur. She is truly one of sacred mantra chant’s modern luminary treasures. On this set, Snatam returns with eight new songs spanning more than an hour’s worth of music that is simply pure treasure of heart, soul, and spirit. Fans will delight and rejoice in Snatam’s timely delivery featuring one exquisite melody after the next.

Snatam Kaur Beloved

Music on Beloved

Snatam Kaur is accompanied on Beloved by a group of stellar musicians. Some of featured artists include guitarist Stuart Fuchs, tabla player Neelamjit Singh, bassist Sarah Siri Kirtan Carlisle, and bansuri player Steve Gorn. The album is produced by Jamshied Sharifi, who Snatam is working with for the first time on Beloved.

Overall, Beloved is a soothing balm that you can listen to over and over again to ease your soul. Some of the chants included here are more traditional (“Gopaal” and “Pooran Jot”), while others have a more contemporary tone (“Har Uplift” and “Water of Your Love”). They all interweave a seamless tapestry of sacred beauty and resonance.

Learn more about the album release on Spirit Voyage.

Snatam Kaur on Tour

Snatam has been developing this music over the past few years on tour. I look forward to seeing these melodic tracks make powerful and beautiful contributions to her upcoming live performances. I highly recommend that anyone who resonates with this music experience Snatam in person. Learn more about her upcoming tour dates and other music on her website

Nominated for 2019 New Age Grammy Award

Beloved has been nominated for a Grammy Award in the New Age category for the 2019 Grammys!