Cassandra Kubinski Stardust

Cassandra Kubinski Uplifts through Music

Connection. Love. Hope. Invincibility.

“Our love’s rengerating. Our love’s a force of healing.”

These are the words we need right now. Lyrics like, “Our love is all creating.” It’s important for us to remember that our connection, our love, our voices, can ignite the healing that we all need and can access on a daily basis.

Singer-songwriter, yogini, and yoga teacher Cassandra Kubinski debuts her powerfully evocative and inspirational music video “Stardust.” It’s shot on the iconic beaches of Santa Monica. She’s alone, connecting with the sea and the sky, accompanied by animation and augmented reality that amplify her meaningful messages.

Cassandra says the following about the song. “Stardust was inspired by a night in Maui, looking up at the stars and my husband saying, ‘Isn’t it crazy that that’s all we are?’ I thought about it and realized, it is pretty crazy that all of us, all human existence on a molecular level, comes from the remnants of exploded carbon gazillions of years ago.  And while it felt kinda heavy, it also felt powerful. If that kind of miracle could create Earth, could create us, and have us exist here for as long as we have … What else is possible within us that we’ve forgotten about? That we won’t let ourselves see?  So that power, and our connectedness to each other way back to this cosmic time, inspired Stardust.”

Cassandra Kubinski Stardust Cover Art


On this release, Cassandra collaborated with DJ Taz Rashid. “Once I decided I wanted to bring the energy of yoga and the yoga community into my music more, I did what any modern-day researcher does: Googled it!  I found a Yoga Journal article covering DJs changing the way we flow to yoga.  The article was written by former YJ staffer Andrea Ferreti (who has a great podcast, YogaLand), and led me to discover Taz’s music.”

“I loved his vibe, how he carries the listener from grounded to lifted and back again with his beats and sounds. Something just told me I had to work with him, so I cold emailed him, and amazingly, he was actually interested and had time. He was into Stardust, so that’s our first song together. I love how he took Stardust from a very pop rock anthem feel to a more free flowing, head nodding, lyrical house vibe.”

The vibe is the music we need right now. To remember that we’re all Stardust as much as we are living our earthly lives on a daily basis. Her musical presence has garnered praise from some of the genre’s best. Billy Joel says, ”Cassandra Kubinski is very similar to the singer/songwriters of the late ‘70s, she proves that the genre (singer/songwriter) can still be transcendent.”

She calls on that transcendence to bring more light into the world. Her EP Dreams, which featured “You Get Me” raised more than $25,000 for animal rescue charities. Her music has been heard on TV shows, her previous EPs (Holiday Magic and Onward) have charted on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. And she’s performed with or opened for artists including the Goo Goo Dolls, Jill Sobule, Dickie Betts, 10,000 Maniacs, and more. Stardust is produced by NYC-based producer Chris Sclafani.

Learn more on her website Cassandara Kubinski.