Kamini Chants for Meditation

Even devoted yogis are familiar with that sudden surge of anger when someone cuts you off in traffic. We all have had moments of experiencing the slow-build frustration of commuting to work during rush hour. Yogini and singer Kamini Natarajan believes that traditional Sanskrit mantras have a power that can be harnessed to help combat these and other daily stressors faced by the modern yogi. Her album, Chants for Meditation, is collaboration with composer and producer Ken Elkinson. They present mantras to guide the listener on a journey toward greater clarity and a calm state of mind.

Chants for Meditation

Trained in Indian classical music from an early age, Kamini Natarajan has spent her life honing her musical and vocal talents. Chants for Meditation showcases these talents in three to four minute tracks, so you can listen to just one for a quick meditation or play the whole album for deeper relaxation.

Mantras in Chants for Meditation

While the mantras are in Sanskrit, the English title of each song provides a hint about the content of the words. For instance, “Tibet” is the popular Tibetan manta “Om Mani Padme Hum.” And “From Darkness to Light” is the “Om Asatoma” mantra, which literally invokes the transformation from darkness to light.

One of my favorite tracks on the album is “Peace.” This blends Kamini’s lulling vocals with some gentle but playful percussion. The music throughout is distinctively Indian. You’ll hear a variety of Hindustani instruments, especially in the tracks “Invocation,” “Om,” and “Return Journey.” The final track “Bliss” is an instrumental that provides the perfect introspective ending to this meditative symphony.

The next time you prepare for a potentially stressful drive, or whenever you’re ready to unwind, keep Chants for Meditation in mind. By listening to it you might transform that anger into peace.