New Standards piano solos by Frank Fitzpatrick album cover

The time is absolutely right for an album of elegant and soothing piano ballads.  Whether it be for morning awakening in the early hours on a chilly winter morning accompanied by the day’s first cup of coffee or to ease in to a deep and restorative early bedtime at day’s end, conscious composer Frank Fitzpatrick’s 20th Anniversary Edition of piano solos titled “New Standards” is a most welcome musical companion.

Frank Fitzpaptrick

Frank is a frequent musical collaborator of LA yoga favorite Saul David Raye as well as a renowned award-winning Hollywood composer and Grammy-nominated Executive Music Producer. In this set, Frank skillfully navigates the delicate and intricate journey on these seventeen tracks of solo piano. Fans of classical, jazz as well as of New Age instrumental luminaries such as George Winston, will delight in this anniversary set.

Featuring Agape Choir piano soloist and keyboard virtuoso Mitchel Forman, “New Standards” weaves an exquisite tapestry of all the feels. The collection includes stand-out tracks “Stronger Than Pride” which is featured in the film “Love Jacked” (releasing on Netflix Feb, 2020). The 20th anniversary release features remastered piano solos along with this new work. Other musical highlights include the tracks “Timeless Love” and “That Rainy Day”

The album pairs well with both yoga and meditation practices. As a bonus for those working on their piano practice, the album even includes a book of sheet music.

Frank drew from the inspiration of the great American Songbook composers Jerome Kern, Cole Porter and Sammy Cahn to create something new and necessary for modern living. A portal to relaxation and serenity in 17 beautifully crafted piano solos.  In turbulent times like these, Frank Fitzpatrick has delivered us soothing music that helps our nervous systems survive the storm.