Marti Nikko and DJ DREG

Music Review: Dreaming in Sanskrit by Marti Nikko and DJ Drez

The first time I heard Marti Nikko sing, I was in savasana. Micheline Berry was teaching and DJ Drez (Nikko’s husband and frequent collaborator) spinning.  I was struck by the resonance, melody, and powerful vibration of a voice that reached beyond the studio.  Every time I hear her (whether backing up MC YOGI in person or a guest vocalist on one of DJ Drez’s albums), I am transfixed.  Finally, she is releasing Dreaming in Sanskrit, the full album her fans have been eagerly waiting. Each one of the 13 unique tracks is a dance-along standout.

Music and Musicians on Dreaming in Sanskrit

Marti’s voice and Drez’s production are ably backed up by an all-star roster of musicians. These include Sheela Bringi, Eddie Young, Jim Beckwith, Demonic Dean Breaux, Marty Lieberman, Marty Williams, Vijay Krishna, and mantra expert Manoj Chalam.

“Om Mani Padme Hum” opens Dreaming in Sanskrit with alluring repetition setting up the trance-like qualities of the album.  The trance mixes and repetition expertly merge with contemporary world music melodies. This is seen in songs like the dub beat and remix of “Maha Yoga” and the reggae-influenced sound of “Maha Devi.” Marti and DJ Drez’ take on the “Maha Mantra” exemplifies the fusion of East-West and ancient-modern this album does so well.

On Dreaming in Sanskrit, the purity and sincerity of the Sanskirt mantras are intact. The combination of lyrical treatment with excellent musicianship offers a catchy and contemporary take on the sacred. The beauty of this work showcases the sincere spiritual practices and voice of DJ Drez and Marti Nikko. Any of the tracks on this album make a perfect addition to a practice playlist as well as spiritual support for a daily routine.

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