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Trevor Hall photographed by Emory Hall

In The Fruitful DarknessTrevor Hall has created something extraordinarily rare these days: a concept LP. When listening to this album, other classics of the concept art form and lineage come to mind, such as U2’s The Joshua Tree, The Police’s Synchronicity and even Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

Trevor shares with profoundly authentic vulnerability at a new level on this album. The music on The Fruitful Darkness leads the listener through the dark night of the soul to a fulfilling and extraordinary conclusion.

The album’s 15 songs are unique in production style and tonality when measured next to his previous extensive body of work. Produced by Trevor himself in partnership with Seann Bowe and Yung Spielburg, the stylistic departure and risks that this artist and his team take to accurately communicate this raw haunting intimacy definitely pay off for the listener.

Trevor Hall The Fruitful Darkness Album Cover

While no doubt each fan will have their own favorite tracks and even their favorite sequence, Trevor has earned the respect to ask each listener to at least once summon the trust required to listen to the album in its entirety in order, before shuffling a customized mix. This is because the album builds in its emotional depth and complexity and crystallizes in a finale that feels like the end of a classic movie.

Standout Tracks on The Fruitful Darkness

“Karma” is by far the standout track, It espouses wisdom such as “being human so confusing, some winning sometime losing.” The chorus offers so compelling a hook that it could easily be the song that exposes Trevor to a global mainstream audience.

Another track that stands out in its capacity for depth of spirit is, “A Reminder.” I found myself welling up while listening. (It helps to have the beautiful undercurrent of powerful chant of “Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram.”)

This album is filled with the affirmations, axioms, aphorisms, mantras, and devotional poetry that have always been at the foundation of Trevor’s craft as a songwriter.  It also shines a light on his newfound journey into the guidance and companionship of astrology.

Trevor Hall Live The Fruitful Darkness

Trevor Hall Concert Photo by Emory Hall

See Trevor Hall Live

I predict some powerful upcoming live performances supporting this music during Trevor’s rigorous touring schedule. This is an album fans will want to experience in the live format while in community.

For those of us who crave authenticity and seek higher wisdom in music, The Fruitful Darkness gets my vote for album of the year.

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