EarthRise SoundSystem latest album features musical guests Vishal Vaid and MaxZT.

(Black Swan Records)

The acclaimed production duo, Derek Beres and Duke “Mushroom” Schommer, aka EarthRise SoundSystem (ERSS), have combined their musical expertise to mix dozens of international and electronic artists. Additionally, they’ve released three acclaimed albums—two of their own music, and one featuring their remixes of artists including Femi Kuti, MC Yogi, Eccoedek, and Nickodemus.

Now, however, with the release of Rising: EarthRise SoundSystem Remix Project, the paradigm has been flipped. It features a selection of ERSS’s music remixed by other talented artists. The first of four releases in an ERSS remix EP series, the seven tracks on Rising begin with the mesmerizing “You Love Me (Kuzma Remix)” featuring Camille Armstrong and Srikalogy. Producer/keyboardist Pete Kuzma gifts the listener with a sway-inducing sound reimagined by layering a delectable taste of R&B/hip hop sensibility to the tune. Next, “Canamo Medico (The Spy From Cairo Remix)” features Metsa Meni and Chonon Quena. Their dancehall groove is masterfully seductive: You simply must get up and move!

The “Earth To The Sun (Srikalogy To The Earth Remix)” features Vishal Vaid and Max ZT for a transmutation that transports the listener to a late night after-party dance floor. “Makyen Ghrir Allah (Desert Dwellers Remix)” features Hamid Boudali; the track has a spacious Middle Eastern vibe and a behind-the-beat percussion that conjures a sexy and ecstatic arrival of dawn’s first rays.

The collection is available as a digital-only download for $5. And after thoroughly enjoying this collection, I’m highly anticipating the rest of this innovative EP series.

Buy Rising: EarthRise SoundSystem Remix Project here.

Reviewed by Joe Kara, who enjoys a double life working in music and teaching Yoga in Hollywood and the Valley. He plays a little bass, too. @JoeKaraYoga