Musician Sam Garrett

Now is a moment in time during which we seek solace, shelter, and wisdom in the music we listen to and the artists who create it. In The Dance & The Wonder, the new album by Sam Garrett, the audience is immediately delivered into an emotional experience. The next generation of the lineage of classic British troubadours such as Cat Stevens, Donovan, and Graham Nash, we are given the gift of Sam Garrett.

Featuring such compelling moments in song as the title track, as well as “I Am Loving You”, “Higher Than The Mountains”, and “Postcards”, Sam and his production team take us on a journey deep into the mystic and into an exploration of the heart in its numerous devotional tapestries.

While listening to Sam’s repertoire, it is fair to be reminded of Trevor Hall and Xavier Rudd, Sam Garrett claims his own place in the intersection of classic singer-songwriter traditions and yogic bhav or devotion.  Clearly he is an artist who walks a path of Bhakti Yoga. His relationship with his Guru in Mooji Baba is palpable and deeply affecting in the song “Jaya Gurudeva.”

Sam Garrett The Dance & The Wonder cover art

Sam’s connection to romance and divine lila (divine play) is also well represented in this collection. His voice is sensitive, delicate, tender, and displays a beautiful range of emotions. Lyrically there is a depth of courage and compassion. Sam sings from a credible and purely authentic place. The Dance & The Wonder is an exquisite experience. We have so much more to continue to look forward to from Sam Garrett.  He’s arrived right on time.